I'm 7 days post op and flaccid girth has gone from 5.1 when ballooned to 4.1 right now. I was wondering when do most people hit the low point ?  
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My low point is usually around day 9.
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There is a study in animals about that they said it starts around two weeks and prolonged for two months.
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Been a while since this was discussed.

What are people thoughts?
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This is a good question. I think it depends on a few things but from what I can tell low point is anywhere from day 5/6 to day 14. I'd be really curious to see what others think on this one! 



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I say from 7-14 days.
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5 weeks?  [smile]   man I was swollen a long time!! 
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I havnt had pmma yet... what do you all mean by LOW POINT?
Before Manual PE:
BPEL 6.25"(probably less as i wasn't measuring right)
EG: top 4.8" base 5.25"

After Manual PE:
Hanging, Jelqing, ULI, Pumping... tried almost everything.
BPEL 7.5"
nbpEL 6.8"  (this measurement varies quite a bit)
EG below glans 5.25"
EG base 6.8"

After 2 pmma rounds

length is same
base girth 7.5"
Mid-shaft girth 6.5"
just below head girth 6"
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Bolkonsky wrote:
I havnt had pmma yet... what do you all mean by LOW POINT?


Well, you get it done, and then your dick absolutely balloons up. for me each time it is +1.5 inches. And then the inflammation goes away and you hit a point where collagen starts to kick in etc. the "low point" is pretty depressing tbh. This is probably the biggest part of the rollercoaster I have struggled with. 

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This is a relevant discussion. I’m about 10 days post-op and while I’m happy with my gains right now, I’d like for this to be the low point and for gains to springboard from here. 
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Mine was at day 7.
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