Did anyone hear or try this Scar Stretching Exercise for post-operative penile lengthening :-

 The Patient stands with the right leg flexed to 90 degrees at the right (left) hip joint.

The Right (left) foot is resting on a chair or stool such that the right (left) knee is also at a right angle. The right (left) hand is passed around the right (left) thigh from outside, under, & inside the right (left) thigh & using the indexfinger & thumb of the right (left) hand the Glans (head) of the Penis is grasped (only the Glans & NO part of the shaft skin) & pulled down & back so that the penis is pulled down & back between the Testicles & back towards the Anus. The patient pullsas hard as he can tolerate & should feel a strong pulling sensation at the base of the penis.

TIMING: The exercise consists of ten (10) pulls (five (5) using the right hand & leg, & five (5) using the left hand & leg. Each pull is for ten (10) seconds & the patient may time this using a clock or simply count 1 &, 2 &, 3 &, 4 &, 5 &, 6 &,7 &, 8 &, 9 &, 10 &. The patient rests for one (1) second reapplies his grip to the Glans & pulls again for another ten (10) seconds.

This is repeated for ten (10) pulls each for ten (10) seconds. Ten (10) such pulls, each for ten (10) seconds constitute one block of exercises. The patient is required to perform three blocks per day viz. one block on first getting out of bedin the morning, one block when he gets home from work, & one block just prior to going to bed at night (a total of thirty (30) pulls per day in three blocks of ten pulls).

It is to be understood that one can use a variety of combinations of timing and number of pulls. Each pull will always be for 10 seconds, or multiples of 10 seconds. The number of pulls may vary and may be in excess of 100. The preferrednumber of exercise blocks per day is normally 3, but this may be varied to suit the specific situation.

Preferred ranges: 10 seconds minimum with an absolute minimum of 5 seconds. Multiples of this period may run up to a maximum of 100 seconds.

A possible formula to use to determine the overall regime is: pulls×seconds×repetition regime (minimum 300, maximum 1200) which can be termed the penile scar ergonomic factor.
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Now I have!

Sounds good but a lot of work as usual. May be some one who had a lig cut would do it and report back in a few months...

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I apologise for this this question, but what is this stretch routine for? Is it supposed to reduce the scarring?
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You CAN stretch a scar.  Alas, it is still a scar and will not possess the elastic properties of the tunica albuginea.
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