I have heard that filler procedures have more favorable results for “showers” than “growers”.

And that one of the biggest challenges in attaining a good aesthetic result is significant retraction.

What flaccid length do you consider “significant retraction” and what might you consider the safe zone?

I probably most often hang flaccid at 4 inches and have always considered myself a grower.

My guy doesn’t respond well to stretching for some reason, when I pull him out past 5-6 inches my corpus cavernosum begin to tense and he starts resisting the stretch back in toward my body. During aftercare I could see myself keeping him stretched out to 5 inches but likely not more and I’m wondering if this might pose any issues for me. For reference my full non bone pressed EL is 6.75 inches. I’m currently considering Ellanse with Dr C.

Any thoughts are much appreciated.
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I think you have an average flaccid and you'll be good, probably will experience some flaccid gains actually due to the extra penis weight. 
I consider significant retraction when it's under 3" flaccid. 
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I am new on this forum and would like to know what is the best procedure for someone with a retracted penis?
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I don’t think there is no best procedure, and everyone is different even with the same procedure 

i have extreme retraction 6.25”el and flaccid I’m at 1”

so for chemical there is 
alpha 1 blockers like flomax (didn’t work for me)
botox in the dartos muscle (avanti derma calls it phallotox but even they said it might not work)
pge1 or similar injections in lower doses ( I couldn’t find a happy medium)

for surgery wise
fillers ( but you can still get retraction and imo I think it look worse, like a bitten corn dog if that makes sense)
suspensory ligament release ( it’s hit or
miss and still requires stretching)

theres also pe 
pumping for temporary flaccid expansion ( you don’t pump for any gains just to have blood flowing down there)
hanging or extenders ( hit or miss for me extraction gets worse after it “heals”)

so there are a lot of options but everyone is different and they dont always work the same for everyone.
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Skeptical One
I have heard that filler procedures have more favorable results for “showers” than “growers”.

I think they are favorable to both, but that "favorable" characteristic is more noticeable to those with retraction. I still turtle/retract for whatever reason, but seem to retract less often than I used to prior to having filler injected. It definitely does aid in diminishing retraction, but I can't say that it eliminates it. Like someone else mentioned above, medicine and/or injections (e.g. Botox) may help.

@Avanti Derma can probably chime in on their phallotox procedure and what kind of feedback they've received.

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Avanti Derma
By injecting botulinum toxin in the penis (Phallotox) or the scrotum (Scrotox), we're aiming at dispersed muscle fibers present in the dartos (both penis and scrotum) and at the Cremaster muscle that elevates the testicles.
It looks like guys that retract a lot have a lower proportion of muscle fibers to collagen, and vice-versa.
As I always say, do not come with high expectations when it comes to these two procedures. Paradoxically, they help more those that need less help.
Nothing is written, though... comment based only on my clinical observations.
And responding to @HatchetHarry, it is yes. The ideal patient for phallotox should be uncircumcised and a shower.
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Dr Oates
4" flaccid is not bad retraction. Fillers frequently do help resist retraction. We use a medication - Prazosin a alpha adrenergic blocker used for high blood pressure or prostate blocking urine flow to prevent/reduce turtling. The supplement Yohimbe can help in a similar way and probably why it has a reputation for making the penis bigger.
Injecting Botox into the corpus cavernosum is an emerging treatment for erectile disfunction and possibly would help with retraction (rather than reducing retracting muscles it is to open blood vessels) but would be expensive.
What ever you do, make sure it is safe.
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