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pic1.jpg  pic2.jpg  pic3.jpg I'm not really getting Morganstern's procedure. On the surface, the "tissue restructure technology" seems to be their version of a fat transfer, and the lengthening procedure is just a lig cut. After reading other threads by members on this forum, that seems to be the case as well. Is there roughly something revolutionary about their lig cut that i'm not understanding? They don't even mention the need to hang afterwards.

"You increased length during an erect state will be roughly half the increased length you see when flaccid. Thus, if you gained two inches in length when not aroused - you could expect about an inch more size when erect."

That's incredible if so, but I can't help but be skeptical. 

Also I'm perplexed but what they currently offer:
  • Morganstern Maximum Penis Enlargement Surgery (Basically the lig cut + fat transfer that i'm talking about above)
  • Morganstern Non-Surgical Length & Width Enhancement (Combination of permanent filler and non permanent filler...reading from other posts it seems to be PMMA or Ellanse + HA)
  • Morganstern Non-Surgical Affordable Instant Enhancement (HA) 
I get the last one and the logic for the first one, but how could you get any length increase from the second "Non-Surgical Length & Width" procedure? Injecting a permanent filler gives a nice increase in flaccid hang, but so does injecting HA, so I don't get the difference here. 

If someone could safely and effectively give me an inch increase in erect length and flaccid hang, I would gladly pay any amount of money to undergo the procedure. But as of now, I don't quite get how that'd possible. 

Could someone who has more information explain? Perhaps there's something I'm not getting that can only be found out meeting them in person. Not to criticize or diss Morganstern; he seems to have a good reputation but I'm just trying to wrap my head around the logic and understand their process in detail. 
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the non surgical width and length enhancement is one of three procedures. all of them are injectable fillers. they offer HA, Ellanse E, or what they call the "fusion", which is 10ml Ellanse layered with 10ml HA. 

the girth gains from the fillers is obvious, but the length only pertains to flaccid length. the extra weight and filler/collagen in the penis will cause it to be heavier and less able to retract. so you get more of a shower effect if you're a grower. but nothing for erect length.

so when they say non surgical "length", they mean flaccid length may increase; you might hang longer. if you are a shower as opposed to a grower, the flaccid length gains would likely be minimal. 

i do not believe they do PMMA at Morganstern. 
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I had my operation on 05/07/19. I did the Maximus XL. During the pre-op Dr. Carney pulled on my shaft and head and told me he might get 1" flaccid and no gain erect. I had flown in from California, got a rental car and hotel for the week. Plus I paid 100% for the procedure that was supposed to happen within the hour. He didn't try to talk me out of it but was genuinely honest with me about what he thought about the results. I told him to do it anyway. We're all built differently and when I was recovering 3 hours later. I was 2.5" longer. It went from 4" fl to 6.5". No bullshit. He said I had a really tough ligament and he was overwhelmed with the success. It gave me almost an extra 3/4" erect. I also had the fat graph. The lipo pain was worse than anything. Also he used dissolving stitches which tore open within the next 7 days. DO NOT GET DISSOLVING STITCHES!!! The cut is in a very bad spot which stretches when you sit up, roll over or go #2. I had to get on antibiotics and have it stitched up after the infection went away. Its been 4 weeks and part of the incision is still partially open and not healing because it was torn open and infected. Other than this nightmare, it took almost 3 weeks for the bruises to go away from the lipo for tthefat graph. Everything else is back to normal now, only my unit is substantially larger and thicker. Its about 3/4" larger in looks and feels natural. You have to stretch it for 3 to 6 months to get the maximum results. The doctor said because of the ligament cut, you can stretch it easier because the muscle is longer and untethered. The stitches set me back 2 weeks, but I've been stretching with my phallosan Forte and it is not painful or uncomfortable. I'm up to 3-5 hours a day. Dr. Carney is great. This procedure really changed everything. 
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