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Thanks for that. What really gets me is this:

" I have had my share of patients, that if I had a crystal ball, I would have chosen to not accept."

Is this to imply that it's somehow the patient's fault, that the patient that came in for self-improvement and instead gets scarred up for life with no benefit whatsoever is in fact, a problem patient... not that the doctor is a completely inept, incompetent, dishonest, criminal-minded quack.

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When I had his lig cut and Alloderm graft treatment done in 2000, he cut nerves that left my shaft and a portion of my glans completely numb to this day.  It's very difficulty to maintain an erection or even feel the wonderful grip of a vagina due to the loss of nerve sensation.  I have not been able to cum in a woman since then.  I have trained myself to cum manually only with the aid of porn.
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Barron is a scam. I develop a serious necrotic condition after surgery with this man. About 1/4 of my penis died and fell off. As a plastic surgeon at Northwestern Hospital in Chicago told me..."you're lucky you still have a penis". Please, stay away from this quack.
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I was actually just searching the web curious if there had been any advancement in the procedure and this forum popped up. My sympathies to those who had nightmare experiences...I must have been lucky.

1997. Honest, unbiased experience:

Surgery went great went great with Dr. B. and his team. I developed a pocket of blood in my incision however about a week into healing, when it drained and bled, that was scary, and the incision took weeks to heal, but i recovered. This lead to a lot of scarring, but I was very young and didn't care for the wound properly---so i take the blame for that. I had about a 1/3 increase in size after healing and was happy with the procedure. One man's experience.

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Astro I recommend the gainswave. Try it supposedly it works for those kinds of injury
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