The Radiesse Procedure

The Radiesse procedure is performed in the doctor's office. It is most often performed with local anesthesia. Patients may experience minimal discomfort from the needle injection. Depending upon the extent of treatment, the procedure can take up to 15 minutes. Patients return home within minutes after the procedure.

The procedure involves injecting a compound of calcium hydroxyl apatite microspheres that are suspended in a carboxymethylcellulose gel. Calcium and phosphate ions, naturally occurring in our bodies, primarily make up the calcium hydroxyl apatite particles. The gel contains an organic compound of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen, as well as glycerin and sterile water. Thin connective tissue forms around the microspheres so that the microspheres act as a filler that remains permanently implanted at the site location.

  • Step One: The doctor may select one or more injection points for each location to be treated. Antiseptic is also applied.
  • Step Two: The doctor will identify the correct amount of Radiesse for the procedure.
  • Step Three: The Radiesse filler is then injected beneath the skin, under the dermis and subcutis layer.

Results are fully evident within one week. Radiesse can last two years or more, but touchups may be necessary throughout this time period.

Recovery after Radiesse Treatment

There may be minimal swelling, which usually subsides in 24 to 36 hours. There may also be some discomfort and bruising. The discomfort can be managed with medications. Normal activities can be resumed immediately; however, patients are advised to stay out of the sun.

Complications and Risks of Radiesse

A rare complication might be the appearance of nodules which would require steroid treatment or surgical intervention. Unmanageable pain or any symptoms that are progressive or abnormal should be reported to the doctor immediately. Your doctor can tell you more about possible complications and the remedies associated with each complication.

Alternative and Additional Treatments

There may be alternative treatment options, depending on your condition. Other minimally invasive procedures include collagen injections, Restylane and Fat Fillers. For severe signs of aging, surgical procedures may be more appropriate, such as a facelift. Your doctor may recommend additional treatments in conjunction with Radiesse, such as chemical peel, laser skin resurfacing or microdermabrasion.

Consult a Qualified Doctor

Dermatologists and plastic surgeons may have extensive knowledge and experience with anti-aging treatments. However, some may not have expertise with this specific procedure — the injection, the proper dosage — and some may not offer a medical setting with the highest level of quality care. Finding a doctor with specific Radiesse injection experience is important for safety and for achieving optimal results. Consulting a qualified doctor will also help ensure that you receive the most appropriate treatment for your condition.

Here are some tips to consider when consulting a doctor:

  • Review the doctor's credentials, education, training, type of certification held, and the number of times that the treatment has been performed by the doctor.
  • Ask the doctor how much Radiesse will be required to achieve a satisfactory result for your condition. Patients usually require only one treatment.
  • View before-and-after photos of patients with similar conditions who received Radiesse and alternative treatments such as Restylane.
  • Inquire about complication risks and possible side effects, including the impact of smoking and medications on your treatment.
  • Request a list of pre- and postoperative instructions. Following these instructions can reduce the risk of complications.

The Cost of Radiesse

The extent of the procedure may involve one or several areas of the face, and the appropriate dosage for each area may vary, making it difficult to provide a meaningful cost estimate until you are examined by a doctor.

The cost for Radiesse typically ranges from $650 to $800 per syringe.

If the cost of Radiesse is more than you can pay all at once, ask your doctor about payment plans and medical finance options. For financing options and tips, continue reading about Patient Financing.

I pulled this off of I find Radiesse an intriguing option as it is basically the same concept as PMMA except in a temporary sphere form. Your body forms collagen as a result, so I am wondering if after a few treatments if this wouldn't end giving you the same result as PMMA but without the plastic spheres being permanently attached.

More to come in the next few days. I have an email into a local plastic surgeon that uses this stuff and has blogged about using fillers for sexual enhancement.
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interesting.....just like drs reccomend temp. fillers before artefill in the face, the same logic can be used for the penis.

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I have always wondered about temporary fillers as well.  I did not realize that Radiesse had generally the same mechanism as Artefill/PMMA (maybe it doesn't, but it seems implied).  If so, it might be worth it to get a "test run" of Radiesse as a preview to the Artefill/PMMA.  Or, you could just continuously insert Radiesse to be on the safer side, presumably.
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The concept is very interesting. However, what is required is a doctor with extensive experience/proven track record wrt injections of RADIESSE (or Restylane) in the penis. For instance, Dr C. does one PMMA procedure per day (!), on average: this is what I call experience! I would not advise members to get treatment from doctors who have trained on faces (lips, etc) only. Moreover and trivially, before/after pictures also matters.

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I believe that answers to the following two questions from doctors or veterans would be of interest to our brotherhood:

1) How exactly does an erect penis feel and look like after injections of Restylane and Radiesse? For instance, a brother of the forum has suggested to me that Restylane feels like FFT.
We don't care about Macrolane, of course: recall that our own Mikehok has voiced against it in a very, very convincing manner. His memories of that filler follow below:

Frankly it was awful, it didn't spread out evenly, moved around, and was lumpy. My penis looked a joke, the filler collected in a lump at the base of my penis. And flaccid looked pretty ridiculous too. Some migrated to my scrotum and after a month I went back and had it removed using an injectable enzyme which dissolves the filler over a 24 hour period.

So, key sub-question: does Restylane behave like Macrolane? Given the collagen formation, Radiesse clearly should not.

2) Am I mistaken or some forum members were supposed to get in touch with Dr Casavantes to ask him whether he would consider injecting Restylane or Radiesse? Any feedback from Dr. C? It would be an interesting option even for PMMA seekers: say, you don't want to commit to PMMA at this juncture (for whatever reason), Radiesse in particular could be [depending on answers to question 1) ] a temporary beta version which might help you understand what the life long marriage between PMMA and your dick can look like.

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@supa - These are my thoughts exactly.

I was a little spooked by some of the studies that came up on the old site just before the exodus...I would be willing to pay the extra money for a "trial run" of something similar. I'm also kinda a commitment-phobe in a lot of areas (haha), so this kind of thing would be great. Is anyone checking with Dr. C to see what he thinks? I could too, but don't want to double up efforts if someone is already on it?
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Just found this clinic in Philly that lists "penis enlargement" as one of the off-label possibilities of Radiesse, but they don't say if they do it themselves or not. Anyone willing to give a call? I'm not in the US,175241
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I am in contact with a local plastic surgeon about this. He has a lot of experience with Radiesse, not sure at this time if he has any with the penis though. I will be talking with the doctor soon and will let you know what I find out. The amount needed vs the overall cost could be prohibitive. Right now they are advertising a full syringe for $500. I would assume this is the 1.5cc syringe. If that is the case then it would be around $6667 for 20 cc's. I don't have that kind of money for a temp filler! I will findout and report back.

@ttar - Sheldon brought up the possiblility of using Radiesse on the old site originally. No one here has actually done it as far as I know though. I am not in contact with Dr. C, so if someone else could talk to him, that would be great.
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Thanks for the info - please keep us posted on what you hear back. I agree that it is A LOT of money for something that would last probably about 1 to 1.5 years. Still, I'd be willing to give it a go I think. Like a very expensive test drive.

Just editing this post to say I just e-mailed Dr C's office to ask about the possibility of the same procedure with Radiesse for patients who may be interested. Also asked about ArteFill (even though it is so expensive), just to get a sense of what is possible. Will post back if I get a reply.

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Reply I got from the local doctor's office

Dear Bob:

Thank you for contacting the office of Dr. Lee Daniel at Aesthetic
Plastic Surgery.  At this time we do not do any injections with filler
to the penis.  It is very dangerous for the patient.

Kind regards,

Yvette Moynier
Practice Administrator
Aesthetic Plastic Surgery
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I got this from 3000 BC, another "Day Med Spa" though. I will contact them and see if they do this. They are located on the east coast. Long ways away from where I'm at.


Radiesse® prices vary

Radiesse® is a synthetic injectable filler that has been FDA-approved to reduce moderate to severe wrinkles, folds and creases around the nose and mouth by augmenting the skin's natural collagen supply. It is a safe, effective and long-lasting alternative to injectable collagen and other dermal fillers for not only smoothing wrinkles but also adding volume and contour to the face for an overall younger, fuller, smoother appearance. With just one or two Radiesse® treatments, you can enjoy a beautiful, natural look that lasts.

Radiesse® can be used also for “off label” indications such as cheek augmentation and sexual enhancement/augmentation including penis enlargement and G- spot enhancement.

What is Radiesse® made of?

Radiesse® is composed of microspheres in a water-based gel. The microspheres—made of a substance called calcium hydroxylapatite (CaHA)—stimulate the production of collagen to smooth lines and wrinkles and also add younger-looking suppleness to the face. Radiesse® is made from minerals similar to what makes up our bones. There is no need for pre-treatment allergy testing, and it is absorbed naturally by the body over time.

What areas does Radiesse® treat?

Radiesse® can be used on many areas of the face and body. Numerous studies have shown Radiesse® to be especially effective for filling and correcting smile lines, nasolabial folds (lines from the nose to the corners of the mouth), marionette lines (from the corners of the mouth to the chin), and other lines and wrinkles around the nose and mouth. It can also be used to treat depressed scars and oral commissures.

Radiesse® has also been approved by the FDA to restore and correct the signs of lipoatrophy (loss of fat beneath the skin) in patients with HIV.

Radiesse® can be used also for “off label” indications such as cheek augmentation and sexual enhancement/augmentation including penis enlargement and G-spot enhancement.

What can I expect during treatment?

At your Radiesse® treatment, your doctor will clean the treatment area and administer a series of quick injections with a fine needle. Treatments typically take 15 minutes and require only local anesthetic. There is little to no downtime; many patients return to their normal activities after their appointment.

Patients typically need only one or two treatments to achieve the full effect of Radiesse®. Your doctor may recommend a follow-up appointment to determine whether you would benefit from additional treatments.

Are there any side effects?

Side effects such as mild irritation, itching, swelling, discoloration or tenderness at the injection site are minimal and should fade within a few days.

When will I see the results of my Radiesse® treatment? How long do results last?

Results are visible immediately after the injection and can last for up to a year or more. Touch-up treatments can prolong Radiesse®'s effects. Studies have shown that patients require fewer re-treatments with Radiesse® than with other leading dermal fillers.

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I wrote to the 3000 BC spa last week to see if they did Radiesse PE. I have not heard back from them as of yet, so I'm thinking they probably don't so this. If they actually do write back, I'll post the response.

I have tried a couple of doctors up in the Seattle area also and got the same response as the local guy, don't inject anything into your penis. I'm getting tired of the hypocritical jerks. Basically I can't find a doctor that will do this anywhere. I don't know if anyone else has had any luck. Maybe some of our overseas members could check and see if anyone does this?
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@biggerbob -Not sure why you think the docs are hypocritical, you know what the malpractice situation is in the US. I am sure you can find someone to inject you with filler if you agree to sign a complete indemnification/waiver with your attorney and a 3rd party arbitrator present!

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The main reason I find a lot of these doctors hypocritical is that they have no problem doing any of these procedures on women. They will put Radiesse in the face, breasts, etc... Plus most of them do a whole bunch of other procedures. Same risk with malpractice. Same waivers.

When it comes to PE though, we are treated way differently. I get a lot of "you have to live with what you got" or the offer of counciling. WTF, I just want to make my dick bigger. It is apparently okay for my wife to get a boob job, tummy tuck and a face lift and is an accepted practice, but I must be crazy to try and find a way to enhance my dick. As you can probably tell, it pisses me off.

Anyhow, I am going to abandon the pursuit of Radiesse for now unless someone else comes up with new info. As long as the PMMA continues to pan out for our group, a temp filler really isn't practical.
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@biggerbob - I understand bro.  Hang in there and don't let the doctors get you down.  Be patient and the right option for you will turn up.

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