So ive decided on starting my pmma journey, but first i would like to get a circumsicion. My question is can anyone recommend a reputable doctor? Im located in the states. New jersey to be specific. 
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Hi ..I recently got it can see some updates in my posts.
Very happy with the results so far. I also got my Frenulum released and that has improved the erection angle and also erect length looks better.
I didnt research about Nj..since I dont live there but you can talk to few good urologist.

Most important is to tell the doctor your purpose for circ and he has to get the right results for PMMA.
Ian at Avanatiderma is very may want to ask him what style of circ will be best for you and then talk to the doctor.

I realized that few doctors use Pollok or Ring techniques and they dont have control of how tight your post circ skin will be.
Getting that right is important in my opinion. Also watch Dr.C s video on youtube about circ/uncirc difference and take some photos and show the surgeon about why you need the circ.

Good luck
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Thank you for taking the time to reply. If you dont mind can you share the doctors information that did your circumsicion either as a reply or a pm whichever you feel is better.
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