Dear people

I've been reading a lot of the threads in the injectable filler database, but I apologize if there is something I have missed.

I am interested in trying a HA injection for girth enhancement, and I am very interested if anyone has any experience with clinics in Germany. I have been looking up Moorgate Andrology, Moorgate Aesthetics and Androfill in the UK. They all seem legit, and I am currently e-mailing Moorgate Andrology. However, as some in here have already said, HA filler procedures in the UK seem to be quite a bit more expensive than elsewhere in the world. I have troubles finding German surgeons, partly because I don't read German, but it also seems that the UK clinics advertise more aggressively and therefore are easier to find. They are almost too aggressive. Moorgate Andrology called me like five minutes after I've sent them a message. They called me again after a couple of weeks. This puts me off a little bit.

So to repeat my request: any recommendations on German clinics that do HA injections? Also, any experiences with either Moorgate Andrology, Moorgate Aesthetics or Androfill aside from the stories already posted in here?

🙂 hope to hear from someone
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Zur Zeit haben wir keine Experte für dauerhafte oder elliptische 5 Jahre Abfüller in Deutschland, nur UK haben eine  5 years ellanse toller clinic.i Hope that the new fillers come more to Germany .now only the cheaper hylaron fillers make many dictirs for many Money and this is Bad in Europe.please UK and usa clinic Bring your technique to Germany and Europe...
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