Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen!

After studying the subject to restore the foreskin, I came to the following conclusions.

1) Growing a prepuce separately and sewing it to a member of the gender of the patient, it is a time consuming process.

These include cells of the patient and the sampling and conversion of these cells into stem cells.

Furthermore, cultivation of the extracellular matrix (or taking it from the donor).

Then, the population of the cell matrix stem cells in the patient, with the differentiation of the functions: the skin, nerves, blood vessels, oil glands.

And then, a surgery to a new suturing the foreskin on sexual patient's penis.

2) Easier to be a phased approach.

The skin of the penis is pulled by Foreskin Restoration KIT within a month.

Then, in the patient's skin are introduced stem cells for accelerating a pull skin cell mitosis.

3) After the leather hoods, it is pulled back and the inner layer of the new foreskin cause the sebaceous glands grown from stem cells of the patient. This is done by bioprintinga.

4) After that, the skin is not stretched, giving time to engraftment of the sebaceous glands.

5) Make sure that the oil glands have taken root and are functioning normally again begin pulling the skin with Foreskin Restoration KIT.

Thus, it is not necessary to grow the specialized stem cells: for nerves and blood vessels.

6) These steps, drawing and implementation of stem cells from the patient, there will be several.
As long as pulling the skin does not cover the entire head of the penis.

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