Does anyone think that porn star Shorty Mac has an Elist implant ? Look very close @ him on his movies some thing is under the skin of his cock
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It looks far too natural to be the Elist implant. Also his erect length is longer than his flaccid. It does look odd, but not so odd as to think a solid silicone implant was in there. It could be some kind of filler though. When I fist saw him I thought he might have had FFT, but on closer inspection I chaged my mind. He might have had some kind of priapism that caused his penis to be like it is.

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Honestly I think he was just born that way. Hard to fathom, but definitely possible. If however I were to speculate as to any augmentation I would agree with hoddle, it would be a filler and not an implant.

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Skeptical One
Actually, it is the shape of his penis (around the glans) that I cite to Dr. C when trying to create a transition that would offset the dwarfing effect on my glans.  If you look at any of his penis side-profile shots, you'll see that the glans meet his lower shaft, and that it doesn't seem as small as it could be if his phallus possessed any number of different penis shapes.

I've always wondered if he had some excellent filler work done, or of course he could just be a freak case.

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Shorty is a hood with a 5th grade education.  He is not the type that can afford elective plastic surgery (there was a video of him and his weapon circulating years before his porn career began).  That thing is real.

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He's also black (duh). You have to take into consideration some things. I'm not trying to be "one way" here, but he does not appear to be very intelligent. He could have had sickle cell anemia, which can lead to bouts of priapism. His size could very well be from that.
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