I think we need to discuss more (and better) the issues surrounding the ways in which some surgeons are dealing with preventing or delaying penis retraction after penis enlargement surgery.  Most simply do nothing and recommend an intensive post-surgery traction method, such as weights, stretchers and the like, simply because we would like to avoid the penis coming back to the length it was or even worse.  And it seems like that strategy pays off, even if it is not a miracle cure, since it provides anywhere from half an inch to maybe 1.5 inches for those who are highly motivated.

Yet, a surgeon here and another there are tryng different methods.  Dr. Kinght, promoted by Dan Salas, "places a silicone spacer between the penis and pubic bone to prevent reattachment of the penis and pubic bone due to scar tissue formation. Penile lengthening surgery results in immediate gains in size, which can be augmented to continued training post operatively."

How significant that is, we dont know.  But if it helps providing an additional half-inch to an inch, it would certainly be worth it.

The other surgeon, an unnamed Russian who emigrated to the US, promoted by that website Maxyoursize, talks about using 'scaffolds' (those who may have followed Sava Perovic's advances in Belgrade may remember that his new method of increasing girth was based precisely on the use of scaffolds, which ends up being a more natural process).  In that website, they say they use scaffolds to provide a two week window of opportunity for the man who underwent surgery to start using traction.  That is, undergoing surgery means they have to wait two weeks to start traction, a precious time one loses because in that time scar formation will have already started. 

In their words, "I will explain to you the Penile Lengthening procedure with the Scaffold. The surgeon will create a 2" incision in the pubic region, not on the penis. Then he will cut deep into the ligaments freeing your inner penis. Now patients must use a penis weight system to get all of their inner penis out of their bodies. The very first day after surgery the body will think you are injured and try to heal yourself where the ligaments were cut. It will create "scar tissue" in the pubic region which will restrict your length gains. It will also retract your penis. The incision takes 10-14 days to heal before you can wear the penis weight system. This means by the time you put on the weight system your body will have already developed a lot of scar tissue. So the lengthening could almost be useless.  The greatest thing about the Scaffold it won't allow the body to heal. It will dissolve in exactly two weeks which is when or after you will be cleared to wear the weight system!"

The procedure done by Camacho in Tijuana seems to address this issue by performing the sugery from inside the testicles (so I read), allowing those who had their ligaments cut to start traction right away.  That is, he doesnt add anything. 

What do we need to know to determine which of them is 'better', taking into account that their pricess seem to be around the same?  I just want to bring this comparative picture to the board, hoping someone enlightens me (us) before making a decision about whether to have this surgery or not. 


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If I'm not mistaken, the "unnamed Russian promoted by Maxyoursize" is Dr. Krakovsky... or "Dr. K" as he was once known when he was the it-thing back at in the 'ole MNS days.

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The problem I see in elongating the penis is the: Corpus Cavernosum (CC).

One has to force it to elongate it and it is very difficult to do.

I would like to see some one who can  develop a method by which the CC can be allowed to grow longer by the use of PRFM/Acell. This would be the best method and may be the safest. At this point, this is still in the experimental stage but I hope they find some thing in the next few years. Dr. Runels is trying a few different things and I hope he or others succeed.
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Not sure why going through the scrotum would allow you to start stretching right away? No matter where you enter from, the ligament is still being cut, so in theory it should still require time to "settle" before being stretched...right?
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I think the reason stetching isn't done straight after surgery is so that the incisions can heal and not so to letting the ligament settle. The scrotal incision is placed in an area where tension isn't applied when stretching, so in theory a patient can start straight away. My issue with the scrotal incision is that it's been around for a long time and yet hardly anyone does it. Apparentlyt he Dr Hunk Chunk saw in Paris looked horrified when he told him about the scrotal incision and Gary Alter refuses to do it. There must be a reason for this.

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