Since PGE1 is so expensive (£40/20ug), I researched buying it bulk (£76/1000ug). However a problem arises -PGE1 degrades within 3 weeks once it has been reconstituted, so you cant just simply reconstitute the whole 1000ug in a multi-use vial as the bulk of it would be useless after 3 weeks. Here's how I split a 1mg(1000ug) dose into 10 multi-use vials, evaporating the contents of each vial, leaving dried 100ug PGE1 per 10ml vial, these can then be frozen, ready for reconstitution when you need.


- reconstitute 1mg PGE1 with 10ml bacteriostatic water

 - place 10ml PGE1 into 10ml sterilised vial

 - use accurate 1ml syringe (insulin) to draw 1ml (100ug) PGE1 and place into another sterilised 10ml vial

 - repeat above step to give you 10 sterilised vials each with 1ml (100ug) PGE1 in them

 - Take each 10ml vial and put two 21 guage needles in through the rubber stoppers

 - Place all ten vials in a shallow pan of water, heat the pan genlty until all 1ml bac water has evaporated leaving just 100ug PGE1 in each vial

 - now you can place these dry vials in the freezers, ready for you to   reconstitute when you need.

 - Each time you reconstitute fill each vial with 10ml bac water to give you 10ug per ml

 - for extra safety... when it comes to reconstituting the 100ug PGE1 vials, you could fill with 10ml bac water then transfer to a new sterilised 10ml vial
   through a 22micron syringe filter. These filters remove all bacteria!

Feel free to critisize
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Did this work for you?  Do you feel the dosing was accurate?

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What about reconstituting with acidic acid? I do this for IGF 1, then when ready to inject I draw 3x as much Bac water into the syringe to mediate the sting.
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What is this?
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yea what are you talking about??
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What are thoughts on HGH?
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What does PGE1 do?  
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I think it is a vaso-dilator for ED.
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PGE1 is a prostaglandin ligand for the receptors EP1 EP2 EP3 And EP4 its counter partner is PGE2 they are mostly mediators in pain and in response to inflammation. It is noted EP receptors are in the penis in the corpora cavernousa specifically the arterioles and cause their dilation and thus erection.  Some may know this as the "P-Shot" and was the method of choice to treat ED before 5 phospho- diesterase inhibitors came along.
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As far as I know, PGE1 is so sensible, as most peptides are, that doing the heating thing would probably render it useless... 
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