Some recent sexual experiences brought me to the conclusion that I need and want to enhance my sexual performances (technique, stamina, orgasm control, hardness) with higher priority than enlarge my penis. 
I think those 4 aspecets (technique, stamina, orgasm control, hardness) can make you a remarkable lover even with an average dick (of course having a big one would make it even better). 

So in my effort to become better in this field, I want to ask you fellow phalloboarders brothers, do you have any suggestion for any kind of sport or specific training to help with that? 

I've found videos like this one. Do any of you do something similar? And in general does it makes sense to you? 

Ps: I've read Chester's thread, gonna read again soon. 
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This is an excellent thread question, gg82. This is precisely the type of thread that will help most of the guys on this forum, not trying to make their dicks 10 inches thick. There are many sports out there that will definitely help you improve your stamina and technique. Among them all, I favor boxing due to its setup. By this I mean that you need to go continuously for 3 minutes straight then take a one-minute rest, which can be tactfully mimicked in sex, by drilling your partner for 3 minutes straight, then taking a nice rest (kissing, touching, licking, etc) then going back to business, and repeating over and over again. It excites your partner, and teases her at the same time, yet you're getting rest, and it's continuing to excite and build momentum, which always keeps her guessing and in a constant state of bewilderment and enticement. Basically you're making, and keeping her, crazy. Meanwhile, you're getting in nice rest breaks and enjoying the ride. However, you're also, little by little, building up your stamina and cardio, to the point where you'll be able to go for hours. Walking, believe it or not, is also an excellent exercise. I do it every morning for 5 miles, it's a great way to keep your circulatory system running smoothly and efficiently. A good circulatory system is the foundation of a good cardiovascular system, so do nice long walks, eat clean, and drink lots of water. If boxing isn't your thing, you can also do light jogging, cycling, soccer, basketball, Muay Thai, Jiu-Jitsu, or any sport that challenges your aerobic fitness. If you incorporate the aforementioned into your lifestyle, you'll definitely improve your stamina in the bedroom and start seeing very positive results.
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Thanks Chester, a lot of good ideas in that post. I'm considering boxing or some variants of it.
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I have always been aerobically fit as I am into running. But about two years ago I started doing weights in the gym. I noticed a big improvement in erection  quality. I think squats and pull ups really helped. Both btw which I struggled initialy with.... could barly do one pull up. probably  had a weak core from never using it. I think weights which ingage your core such as pull ups and squats coupled with a level of arobic fitness is the secret to a good hard erection. 

Some men are blessed as they don't need to take any exercise but still get rock hard erections. 
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