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A member called allofme2 had both the new and old implant and hated them both the same. There was also another member who had the new implant removed as it was detectable. At the end of the day it's a piece of silicone that doesn't become vascular and is being implanted into a dymnamic organ, so it has to be detectable.

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@ Patrieire

Goood luck Patrick. There is light at the end of this and you have some very experienced guys here who has been through it all on your side. Looking forward to reading about your fight back!
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Thanks for sharing your story.  Given your situation I hope that then new one piece implant is a workable option for you.  I and everyone on this forum will be pulling for you to come through with a very positive result!
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Skeptical One
I can certainly relate to the smaller size and its impact at places like the locker room, etc.  While I'm not sure I was medically classified as "micro," my flaccid sure did appear as one (especially when it turtled).  Before my own girth work, my erect stats were 4" NBP Erect Length (5" BP Erect Length), and 3.5" erect girth (girth was uniform on shaft with hardly any tapering).  So not only was I "short," but I was "thin."  I had a short pencil, one which required a perfect erection to keep the snugger fit condoms put!  It didn't help that even virgin vagina felt loose.  Fortunately the internet has provided an anonymous outlet for us to find solutions to our perceived inadequacies, and I believe the more we talk about it, the closer we'll get.
While there is debate as to the effectiveness of manual PE/traction for length gains, I'm certainly trying it with the hopes to achieve a solid 6" in length.  I would recommend it, but I caution that it should only be done conservatively and after thorough research at places like  You could opt for the new implant, but I am not familiar with the current model and your best bet will be to continue looking for members who have had it, I'm sure those who have will chime in or private message you.
You're definitely at the right place, the guys here are awesome!

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Thanks again for your time and concern. It would be wonderful to get some feedback from those members who have or had the second implant. 

A detectable implant is not a major issue for me. I know from my current implant that it is very detectable, but only my wife and I would ever touch it (I hope!!) and it is certainly better than a micro penis. I am more concerned about how prone I would be to infection if Dr. Elist replaced my current, broken implant. In my case, rejection was not an issue at any time. The sharp edges of my current implant, however, has become a major issue. If the new implant doesn't have any of these, I think that I would be fine with it and actually got what I paid for. However, if the new implant is as little advanced as the previous one, I would not even consider it, because ongoing trouble would be a mathematical certainty.

Would any "wearers" of the new implant be able to shed some light on this for me? 

@justabitmore and egstudent:
Thanks for your ongoing concern and support. I will certainly keep you updated. I should have enough money together in September to fly to LA and get this fixed. Apparently, it is not dangerous (as in threatening) since the infection has completely disappeared, but my penis is totally out of shape and a full erection is so crooked and bumpy that sex is completely impossible (and has been for over three months now). Not an easy time ahead: no sex for the last three month, no sex until I get my penis "repaired" (hopefully in late September), and no sex until for another six to eight weeks after that until it healed enough. And all I can think of is sex. I am sure you get my point.

I was always aware of the fact that the penis size of lads doing porn are way above average. So I was actually okay with the fact that I was small. But every single girl I was with was unable to come (I have become quite good with my tongue!!) and every one of them had that shocking look on their face when they saw my little penis. You were lucky because a perfect erection at least allowed you to keep the snugger fit condoms in place. When I bought condoms in the past, I would have to buy XS condoms (it actually said that on the box). And even those did not stay in place. They would slip off and I would have to "dig" for them after I was done. That was it, no more condoms. That is why I was no longer concerned about my girth.

One girl once asked me, referring to my penis, "And whom are you going to please with that?" Because of the Internet I was ready for this question and quickly responded, "Me!". But that's all it ever was. It is the very reason that I am so fearful about not having the broken implant replaced but only removed. I am really scared. And it is a blessing for me to have you all here, because this is the first time in my life that I can share this with you. Out here. Thank you.

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For micro penis, the implant is one of a very few solutions available. It helps keep the penis stretched out all the time. The new implant looks to be better (I saw it and touched it) and it is a bit less hard. I also think that if the Dr. will do it for free, then it may not be a bad idea to try it and then if you still have issues, have it removed by him (of course the cost of travel twice is a concern).

Having said all that, I will tell you that I had mine for over a year. I was one of the lucky ones who had minor minor issues. There was pain behind the glans almost all the time, more so when having sex. But it was a good girth enhancement and I enjoyed it when the pain was not too bad.

I have since had it removed (I will document soon) and now I am scheduled for PMMA at the end of July.

I wish you the best of luck. Take your time and pm me if you so wish...

Live Long and F*** Long 😉

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The elist Silicone Implant is a failure by design, a disaster by Surgeon and a Let Down by the Medical board!, in my Unmedical, Unprofessional Opinion 😉
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WOW!  I am really bummed to hear this news Patrick, I wish you all the best. I just popped on this new site for the 2nd time and come to find this story now!  I also have the implant and am one of the lucky ones, no major problems... but... this is scary! I think I heard of this happening once before, but I thought is was just a freak instance, I had no idea this infection thing is somewhat common! and I was just going to post an update saying how much I still like this thing (even though it is detectable)..... shit, I've got some thinking to do ....  more to come.   My deepest sympathies Patrick, hope everything turns out for you, keep us posted.
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Hi Patrick

I never thought I would say this, but considering your situation, perhaps having the  ‘new model’ implant put in could be an option.

There is the definite risk of retraction if you have your current  implant removed...and often the retraction is not easily reversible…something you can’t afford…It’s a tough call…

Please feel free to PM me, or if you like, perhaps we could chat on the phone….




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Thanks, lads, for your ongoing support and concern. Because of the retraction issue I am certainly leaning towards getting the broken implant replaced, rather than removed. I will certainly keep you updated, even though there won't be much news between now and September, when I will (hopefully) be able to travel to America to get the implant fixed.

I owe yous!
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Good luck, Pat.  Wishing you the very best.
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Patrick, just wish you all the best and hope you everything will be fine with you.

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Hi lads,

those of you who have read my previous posts in this thread will know that I had to have the implant removed due to infection. I had treated the infection with antibiotics for several weeks and made sure that the area was clean, using a disinfecting agent. Due to the fact that I could get no time off work (I had already taken my entire annual leave and needed to work up some free days) I was unable to come to Dr Elist's office for several months. The result of the lack of treatment was that the out-of-place implant had eventually perforated the skin just behind the head of the penis on top. Dr Elist told me on the phone to clean the opening with an antiseptic and wrap it every day until I would be able to see him in order to prevent a general infection. He told me not to worry, even after he has seen the pictures I sent him. Anyhow, I finally came to the States and to Dr Elist this week and the surgery took place on Wednesday. I must say that my experience differs significantly from what mustang2020 went through with the removal of his implant.

But let me backtrack a little: First, allow me to say that I am financially broke. I took my humble savings and an additional loan of €6000 from my best friend in February of last year in order to come to the US and have the implant inserted. At that point I asked Dr. Elist about possible complications due to silicone being a foreign body and he told me quite honestly that, while every attempt is made to minimise the risk of infection, he could give no guarantee that it would never get infected. If rejected, it would have to be removed. I told him that it would be financially impossible for me to come back to the States and pay for the removal if that were to become necessary. At that point he told me that I needn't worry about that and that he would provide any aftercare necessary for his patients. He must have made a note about this in my patient file, because when I came back to his office on Wednesday to have him examine me in preparation for the removal he told me that he would even help me with my airfare (I received another €1000 load from my best friend to pay for the flight, the hotel, and the medication). Needless to say, I am very relieved now because I already saw myself being in a debt hole that I simply would never get out of. But now, I will be able to pay my friend back some of the money rather soon. Previously on the phone, Dr Elist had told me that he would remove the implant free of charge.

During the examination on Wednesday, he drew some blood for the lab and took a good look at my penis and agreed that the implant should be removed. He told me that I would permanently retain quite a bit of girth due to the capsule formation, which was significant, but that I needed to do manual exercise in order to regain my length. And I needed to be patient. He would give me the devices I needed for this. Getting the length back would take a few months and much dedication on my part. I believed him and could accept what he said. I read mustang2020's post regarding the girth that remained after his implant removal and I had no reason to doubt that I would retain most of my girth as well.

Thus, I took a stroll to the surgery centre, put my gown on and was taken into the prep room. The nurse, and very sweet Egyptian lady who could have been my mother, was the most comforting person ever. While she prepared me for surgery, a fellow on the other side of the curtain, who had just received his implant, was waking up from his surgery. Another bloke was currently in the operating room, getting his implant inserted. When this patient was finished, it was my turn for surgery. I was given all kinds of sedatives by the anesthesiologist, who was very calm and told me not to worry about anything, and before I knew it I was out. I woke up with Nurse Egypt by my side, who told me that all went well and that Dr Elist would come back once I was more awake to take me to his office. There, I could rest a bit more, drink some water and eat a few biscuits, and then take a cab to the hotel once I was fully awake and alert.

When Dr Elist arrived, he expained to me that he did not have to re-open my original surgical scar in the pubic area, but that he was able to remove the implant through the area where it had perforated the skin. This way, he did not need to make any further incisions and he only needed to stitch the area around my penis head after the removal, which now kind of looks like a circumcision scar. This would minimise the pain, any additional scar tissue and my recuperation time.

Mind you, my intentions to have PE surgery may differ from yours. I did not have an average size penis, looking for a porn-star version, but I had a small penis, both in length and girth, looking for a normal size version with which I could make my wife happy. With the implant, I had exactly what I was looking for and I was also very impressed with how it looked. And during sex it was excellent, because it was the first time in my life that I could get my wife to have an orgasm from normal sex. Had the implant not become infected, I would have never opted to have it removed. However, the odds were against me and it needed to be removed. At least the girth is still good and I am seriously hoping that I can still satisfy my wife. I will let you know in about two weeks, when I will finally be  allowed to have sex again. Of course, I will do any exercise suggested by Dr Elist in order to get my length back. I will  update you regarding my progress. 

Some of you have suggested that I look into PMMA in the future. To be honest, if my girth stays the size it is now, I have no need to go for further treatment. Furthermore, I keep asking myself the question why PMMA is not approved for penis enlargement in the EU and the US. I am not familiar  with the medical standards in other countries. This and the fact that it would be very difficult to remove PMMA if something went wrong (there are no long-term results yet) would prevent me personally from even considering this type of treatment at this time. Nonetheless, I want to congratulate all of you who have done this surgery and who are happy with the results. However, regarding my own girth, I already have the best of both worlds: a permanently normal size penis and no foreign material inside of me. I will keep you posted with regards to gaining my length back.

I want to thank all of you for your support over the last few months. This has been quite a journey and it is still not over. It is good to know that there are non-judgmental, like-minded men in this forum, who really care. Thank you. Please know that I am here for you as well.



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great job, and congrats on the fact he did not have to cut you open in your pubic area. The trauma just from that causes retraction, and now you dont have to worry about that. And you will be able to hang sooner and heavier once your penile scar heals. What is your length now? Is it signiticantly smaller or the same. Congrats man....lastime   p.s My implant removal with Elist was very pleasant as well since it was done at the surgery center..  

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Glad to here things are starting to turn in your favor Patrick! after what you've been through, the last thing you needed was a complicated removal! And thanks for the informative details on the procedure.  I'm still thinking about having Elist remove mine and going with PMMA, although now I am having second thoughts since I've got a prominent edge under control from wrapping and that my wife and I really do like the way my dick is right now, and I'm not having any problems.......  anyway, thanks and good luck!!

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The length now is about half way in between what it was before I got the implant and while it was in. However, Dr Elist tells me the remaining length will come back in a few months if I do stretching and milking exercises. The girth is slightly less than with the implant, but significantly more than what it was before I had the implant inserted. I am happy with the girth as is. I will keep you updated regarding the length increase.

To be honest, if there is nothing wrong with your implant, why not just leave it in? I mean, you would still have enough time to have it removed if something were to go wrong. And maybe you are just one of the lucky ones who will never have any bother with it at all. At least you know that it can be removed without major hassle if needed. Nobody can really make such a claim in relation to PMMA yet, there is not enough data at this time. At the end, you might have your functioning implant removed and, if you are unhappy with the capsule girth, decide to have PMMA injected. But what happens if you have a reaction to PMMA or something goes wrong with it years down the line. Then it is not just an issue of having it removed. Of course, the decision is yours, but may I suggest that you don't create a problem where there is none?!? 

Thanks, both, for your good wishes. I will certainly keep you updated with my progress. For now, I am happy that I can have sex again in 10 days. FINALLY!!
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