Hello guys -

Long time lurker here, thanks for all the information you guys have provided over the past year or so as I have been doing the proper research. Finally decided to book my first appointment with Dr. C in a month. Even after all the reassurances, still a little nervous (because this is your most sensitive body part and knowing there is always some associated risk), but it seems the vast majority of people are happy with their experiences with Dr. C and Wade down in TJ, so I figure I'll never know if I don't leap.

The way I'm mentally configuring this is to keep the bar kinda low. Expecs for permanent growth are only 0.5 girth for the first round. I'm more interested in keeping my piece looking nice and even, preventing nodules, etc. I know post-op care and massaging is critical to this.

I don't actually have too many questions, and I'm well aware if you ask too many "basic" questions that have been covered a hundred times, the regulars and moderators tend to get a little pissy.

Here are a couple items relevant to my case that I haven't seen any clear-cut posts on:

1) Impact of "Turkey Neck"
My case is very slight. The scrotal connect probably only goes up about 1/3 of the way (possibly less) up my shaft. Never really bothered me and something I don't care too much about. Does anyone know about difference in impact when PMMA is taken into consideration.

2) Penile skin "type"
I would describe my shaft skin as very "tight" (likely the reason I have the girth prob in the first place). Does this tend to make the PMMA injections more bumpy in the shaft? Also I have a good deal of length. I suppose that means I need more cc of PMMA? I'm going to go with the Doc's suggestions but anybody in a similar situation feel free to make suggestions about what worked for you.

Here are my stats:

FL: 4.5-5 in (depending on state of warmth/withdrawl)
FG: 3.5 in (same variance)

EL: 7.5in
EG: 4.5 in (Here's what I'm attacking - pencilD)

Goal? A better flaccid hang and probably 5.5 EG.

Pics to come in a couple days. Want to make sure they are HQ!

Thanks guys for all your help!


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I'm a week after you. Good luck and post your results/experience!
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OK guys, just got around to taking some pics today.

These aren't high-grade professional photos (haha), but I tried to get the lighting right and I took the erect pics from a couple of different angles.

The first pic is totally erect (counter was a little cold, and when I'm hanging I'm usually a little longer than this.

Second is a semi-erect photo.

The next four are a series of completely erect photos, some showing the base and others with a thumb for comparison.

Let me know what you think. Looks like I'm a good candidate for PMMA, right? Any notes would be helpful.

Also, one update on my flaccid stats - flaccid girth is actually 4.0. I think this builds my case even more, since when I'm completely hard I only add a half an inch in girth! I've always said my dick looks fatter when it's flaccid or semi-erect.
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Good Luck man. I  think in your situation, taking the risk is worth it. It's not like your 5.5in like some people trying to get bigger.  You have a thin penis and I'm sure it affects you, so go for it.  Best of luck
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You're the perfect candidate for Dr C.   Enjoy the journey!   

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I think this will be a very positive life changing experience for you. I gained close to an inch at my thinnest point which was the base.
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You are lucky your glans are a decent size and PMMA will give you nice overall shape. With a 7.5" I'd do up to 6" in girth.
Miracle 8x7 when up to 7" in girth and still looks great so if you stretch for a few months you could easily get to 8"
Good luck. Keep us posted
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Thanks man. You know, that might be the case, and I'll certainly let you know later down the line, but when you start at 4.5 I'll admit you get pretty excited just thinking about 5 [frown]

Any permanent, natural looking improvement will make me very happy.

I appreciate all the feedback.
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kreungdd wrote:
I think this will be a very positive life changing experience for you. I gained close to an inch at my thinnest point which was the base.

Yes! This is my thinnest area too. Thin baseball bat. Haha.
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Keep us posted, first ever post on forum. I actually travel to TJ quite often since my father lives there. Just a quick question to everyone...When references are made about "Dr C", is it Dr Camacho or Dr Casanovantes (might of mispelled the last one)? Thanks! And good luck man!
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Elvergon wrote:
Keep us posted, first ever post on forum. I actually travel to TJ quite often since my father lives there. Just a quick question to everyone...When references are made about "Dr C", is it Dr Camacho or Dr Casanovantes (might of mispelled the last one)? Thanks! And good luck man!

Dr casavantes. Stay away from Camacho and Dan salas.
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That is correct - Dr. Casavantes. Sorry for the confusion. I failed to remember there was another prolific "Dr. C".
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Make no mistake, I've been reading these forums for a year and I know I have run across some of these topics before, but there are so many posts that it is hard to drill down and get some of the answers to these very specific questions that I have. Overall, I am pretty comfortable and excited about having this done, but I have some specific questions that I think might be very helpful pre, during, and post-op.

Again, please forgive me if any of these have been answered in other forums - either I didn't see it or it was a long time ago. In other cases, there may be conflicting information or differences of opinion. That being said, I simply want to make sure I'm prepared as possible when I go down to TJ to get this started.

Feel free to simply copy a question and shoot a link if that is an easier way to do it.

These questions are in no order of importance, but I'll try to be as chronological as possible.

1) Vitamins for post-op. What type of vitamins have been the most helpful to guys that have had this procedure done in terms of healing and growth? How long did you take the vitamins as supplements? I have heard an entire range of vitamins and supplements in forums here, but some of it seems excessive. What are the vital ones?

2) What type of underwear to bring?
I wear briefs. These briefs are pretty tight and smash my penis down. I get the sense this is not what I want to be wearing a week or so post-op? I am assuming most guys will recommend wearing boxers, but I guess my real question is - how long should I wait until I can start wearing regular briefs again? When is it safe? I certainly don't want to be smashing the PMMA into a clump when it is still in its formative stage.

3) Metacrill or Artefill and what concentration?
I know this is one of the most popular questions, and yes I have seen a range of answers. The "safe" route it seems is to do a 30/10 mixture that results in 20. The question then becomes "is this right for me"? You guys can see my pre-op pics. Given those, I'd love for the pros to chime in and affirm (or dissent!) with this. My shaft is so thin and inelastic in the first place that permanent clumps or bumps would be very noticable. Should I be more conservative?

4) I'm going to get an extender.
Almost everybody highly recommend it and from what I can tell, it seems like it's a helpful tool in making sure the PMMA is evenly spread out. This is especially important in my case, since I'm trying to spread it out over 7.5 inches of length. My actual question ABOUT THE EXTENDER IS: How long do you wear it (hours at a time?), with what frequency and how long until you stop using it? Do I need to wear it on the shuttle? To the airport? On the flight? These nitpicky questions could be very critical since I'm leaving a few hours after my next day checkup.

5) Massaging is critical. What is a good timetable?
How often and for how long in the week or two after surgery? How critical is it on day 2? How do you do it at the airport? On the plane? (How many of you guys hit up the airplane bathroom to massage?) Deets!

6) The shuttle. I'm using it. I've read these guys are pros.
How long, mid-day on a weekday, do you guys suppose it will take to get from Dr. C's office to the SD airport? How long does it typically take at customs? Do I just tell them I came down for plastic surgery? My check-up is at 11am and my flight departs at 3pm. I have TSA pre-check so I would feel comfortable not arriving until 2pm.

I know I will have more questions, and you guys are an encyclopedia of information. I will continue perusing the posts to get more information and answer as many of my own questions as possible. But I'm sure I will have more.

Thanks again guys! I promise to contribute and provide my feedback for both myself and others once this is done.

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I'm scheduled for July and I second iwantfullfrontal's questions but would like to add one more. Can past patients advise if the office gives a medical fast passes to get back into the US? Thanks
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I can't answer all your questions but will give replies to the ones I know.

1. Vitamins are trial and error in my opinion. I am three weeks post op round 4 and this round am taking a multi vitamin, fish oil, collagen, vitamin C, and antioxidants. There's no sure thing to enhance collagen growth in my opinion; I think it's primarily ones body and that varies person to person.

2. I would definitely wear boxer type underwear and loose pants or shorts. You'll be wrapped/bandaged up when you leave the office and don't want to be restricted by your clothing. If it were me I would wear that type of clothing as much as possible for at least a week.

3. I would consult with Dr. C on your goals and he'll give you solid advice. I was persistent on getting 20% this last round but it was important for me to have it look natural as it has the last three rounds. He suggested 10% and I'm happy w the results and his suggestion thus far.

4. Wade will give you after care instructions. You can definitely wait until you get home. Just make sure you spend some time massaging it and moving the PMMA around as the bandage could leave unwanted indentations. I flew home after my procedure. 8 hours later was my first chance to massage my penis.

5. I massaged as often as I could. Life gets in the way for sure, but was trying to be super conscious of it. Make sure to stay on top of it for at least 5 days (I think I did a full 7).

6. The shuttle service folks are stellar. You should have enough time leaving the office at 1130 and making it at 2. My last procedure I finished at 4 and made it to the airport by 530. There was quite a bit of traffic at the border but once across it was smooth sailing. If I were you I'd let Diana know now when your flight is so the shuttle will be waiting for you.

Hope this helps. Best of luck.

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