I am from Germany, and there are some doctors that make the balls bigger with your own body fat.
It should be more natural than silicon cups, and less risky.

I have contact to a doctor with very good reputation.
He told me that the patience are satisfied over all, but some of them want to make it a second time to get the balls bigger.

Does anybody know about this method - or has self experience ?

Thanks! Jorge
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Dr Oates
Never heard of it. At least it is your own tissue. Would like to see some sort of publication on it.
What ever you do, make sure it is safe.

Google calibreclinic
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Avanti Derma
I never heard of it either, and my search didn't show any reports of FFT to the scrotum (hint). 
FFT inside the scrotum won't get blood supply that ensures the survival of at least a portion of the fat cells.
If all of those fat-filled cells die, I can foresee total absorption or secondary oily cysts.
Will it be a fat flap? Nah! My imagination just betrayed me; sorry guys, I'll better go to sleep.
@Jorge1 or anybody else, is there any publication(s) that support such a claim?
Dr. Luis Casavantes / Dr. Palmira Morales

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