Hello Gents; I will try to detail my experiences so far with PE.

Brief History

I am of Italian and French heritage. I was married to an American Italian woman. We had great sex for a couple of years of marriage. She told me she loved my dick and it was big. After our first baby, our sex life went to.....ZERO! I was told by the female experts to wait and she will change and get sex drive back, she never did. Needless to say, after putting up with her alcoholism, chain smoking and no sex I said to my self fuck this shit I am out of here.

We got a divorce but some how we kept having sex for months afterwards??? It was better than when we were married. After a while, the excellent lawyers and the judicial system got the best of us and we truly finished seeing each other.

A few weeks later I went to see my kids and when I arrived, she went on to tell me with great pride that she just fucked this 17 year old boy (she was about 35 at the time) and how she had sex with him 5 times in one nite and that he had a bigger dick than mine. I was stupid enough to believe her and it felt like a knife was stuck in my heart.

A few years went by and I got into a relationship with a beautiful American Philippino girl. She loved sex and it was great for a few years. She wanted to get married and I told her form day one I do not want to be married ever again. As most of you know, most women want to change a man's mind.

One day she came back from a business trip,  we normally have great sex when we do not see each other for a few days. This time it was different, she wanted to go to her house right ways. I said no, let's go to mine first. We got undressed and I could smell the smell of condoms on her (we never used them because she was on the pill) I pretended that I did not know. I put a condom on (she did not say anything, so I knew I was right) and I fucked her in every hole. then I went and washed carefully and I told her never to come back ever again. She cried and told me nothing had happened. Months later she told me she DID cheat on me and the other guy had a bigger dick.

This really put another dagger in my heart. I never thought I had a small penis. All the girls I went with never complained, only these two bitches did just to hurt me. Nevertheless, it started a war in my mind.

Now, I started looking for ways to enlarge my penis. I was at about 6 EL and about 4.85 EG...

The Research

I started looking for lengthening and girth enhancement, this is now 2006-2007. I called a few Dr's about FFT, Alloderm and Belladerm. At that time I thought Belladerm will be the best.

I contacted Dr. Rothenthal and he told me he will do length and girth for about $10k and he assured my I would get an inch of length and girth. When I asked him if this is erect or flaccid, he did not answer me straight and he said every one is different, so I decided not to go with it.

In 2009, I stumbled on Dr Elist and his implant. It sounded great because it is a sure girth enhancement. He also told me I can gain TWO inches of erect length (I have an email from his office with this claim)... I was very interested.

I wish I had found sites like this one then, I would have never done the implant.

I went to visit him and I thought if I do not like what I see, I will just fly back home.

The Silicone Implant

On or around Marsh of 2010, I went to see him in Beverly Hills. His office was not up to my standard but it was busy. He showed me the implant and he told me it is very easy to put in and there will be no problems what so ever If he takes out and things will back to normal. In the 20 minute in his office, he must have left the room three to four times! I was so tempted but something inside me kept saying get the fuck out of there. BUT, I decided to trust him. I looked straight in his eyes and I told him I am trusting him with my sexual, physical, mental and psychological life and I asked him not to fuck it up. He looked back at me and said no problem. At that point, I trusted him and told him to go ahead and do it as long as I do not loose any length at all, he concurred!

He drove me in his own car to do some blood work and EKG. Then he set up the surgery center for my operation. I felt that he was a good Dr to do all this for free (the driving around and the tests).

I showed him pix of my erect penis and I told him to make sure I do not loose any length, again he concurred!

I told him I wanted to see him before I was under the anesthesia to explain a few things to him. I went in the surgery center and a nice looking girl set me  for the operation. I saw a big black man going in the center and I said what the fuck is he doing there, he looked under dressed for such a place (nothing to do with his color, I love all races). It turned out he was the anesthesiologist... I said oh fuck, he is going to kill me....

I sat on the table and he inserted a needle in my arm, it did not hurt at all so I thougt to my self this is a good start, he ain't bad after all. before I knew it, I was out and never saw the Dr.
I woke up two hours later, I felt great, no pain and no feeling sick or drowsy. So the anesthesiologist was not bad after all, he was great.

The Dr. checked my dick and he said it looks great. I asked him what the fuck is this drain bulb doing sticking out of my side, he said do not worry about it I will take out in a few days...ME?

He drove me to my hotel that he paid for, and checked me in. I felt good and happy so far.

I spent one nite there, had chinese food and felt tired and went to sleep.

Next day I walked to his office about two miles for a check up. I did not believe I can walk and not feel any pain, just some discomfort.

He checked my wrapped penis and he said it looked great. The glans were twisted to the right from my point of view, I asked him why, he said do not worry about it. He took some measurements and he said I am all good to go home.

I took a flight home that afternoon. I did go thru the body scan and had no problem (I never do that again, I do not believe it is safe if you fly as much as I do!).

To be continued!

All rights Reserved.
Live Long and F*** Long 😉

elist FAILED Silicone implant and My report here:

The elist Silicone Implant is a failure by design, a disaster by Surgeon and a Let Down by the Medical board!, in my Unmedical, Unprofessional Opinion 😉
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Beautifully written, Mustang. Painful to read but with a great sense of humour.

"Large is the intellect, narrow is the world: thoughts have no difficulty in subsisting side by side with each other, but things clash roughly together in space."
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@ Mustang

Great to hear your story. Glad you done the ex up the backside I find that a suitable way of saying goodbye!!
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@ Mustang

Thanks for sharing your story... I am sure there are a lot of people on here who can relate.  Looking forward to the rest of the story.
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Hi Mustang,

I painfully sympathize with your post-natal neglect. What gives?!?

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Mustang, glad everything seems to be turning out okay with all the crap you've gone through. I am looking forward to the next installment.

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The pain, The uncertainty and the lack of facts

I arrived home, my dad picked me up from the airport. I was a bit slow in moving, I went to my moms for a few hours. Moms know everything, she kept looking at me and saying what is wrong, I told her I am tired from the trip and I want to go home.

I arrived at my place, my beautiful dog greeted me at my door step but she kept sniffing my wounds. Again, she is a bitch and she knows everything!!!!

I took my antibiotics on time and I took one Ty3 pain killer. I went to sleep that nite ok.

At 6 am, I woke up screaming like some one stuck a knife in my dick! I had an erection and the stitches (the Dr. never mentioned) are killing me behind the glans. I screamed in pain so bad, my dog was scared! I walked around my bedroom like a zombie to get the erection down and I took another TY3 pill. After 20 mins, it kicked in and I started to feel less pain.

I called the Dr and asked him about this pain, he said don't worry just take the TY3 and in a few days it will be gone. He had told me in my consultation that most people never have pain.

The next few days it was the same, wake up screaming and walk around my bedroom like a maniac to kill the pain.

This lasted about a week and then the pain started to lessen in intensity. The drain bulb was a pain in the ass or should I say in the side.

I had to do some mechanical work on some machines and I do not believe I did it with my dick wrapped and a drain tube stuck in my side. Somehow I managed to work a few days after the surgery....I had to make some money after spending over $11,000.00 for the surgery and the trip there.

The incision healed well and I took out the drain after a week or so, I can;t remember now. You have to pull this surgical tube out of your side, it is about 12 inches long!!! It hurt a bit but it looked worse than it hurt.

Now I can take full showers and I felt a bit better. A few days later, I took out the stitches from the incision. You cut one side and pull the thread from the other side. It burned a bit but was not too bad.

The erection pains were now a lot less. the penile skin looked a bit red but I used Olive oil and wrapped it 24/7....

I got some erections and it looked big but short, I had lost one inch or more of erect length....Again he says: do not worry about it, it will come back in a couple of weeks.

I can feel the edges all around the implant : Don't worry about it it will go away when the capsule forms in a few weeks.....He said.

It did, but in a few months. the erect length never really came back. the girth was fantastic. I have not tried it yet. I tried to masturbate a few times, but I was not able to reach orgasm because of the severe pain behind the glans....

At about 4 months or so, I meet this small chick. We go out and have a few drinks. We start to have sex, she looks at it and says: oh my god, it is too big. I liked that and I thought may be all this shit was worth it.

I could not put it all the way inside her, she was small and when I push, it felt like my glans was going to burst! I made her come by my fingers and tongue and she stroked me to finish,  I did but it was very quick orgasm and pain came right back.

A day later, my penis swelled and was spongy. It looked like I had irritated it from the sex. I took some Alleve for a few days and of course wrapped it less tight and after one week the swelling went away.

Now I do not know what to do, if I have sex it may burst and if I do not have sex..then what the fuck?

Don't worry about it, it will get better......He says

A few weeks later I have sex with another lady. The pain was a lot less. she took it all the way in and she loved it. She came twice. I fucked her for a long time so my dick started to hurt and I could not come. So I just stopped. She tried to give me oral, but I could not have it due to the pain so we stopped!

Again, It swelled and I had to wait a week for the swelling to subside... This is now over six months post op!

I went on a business trip overseas, when I cam back next time I had sex, it was a lot better and pain was a lot less and I did manage to have a good orgasm. Now I had to teach my self  to balance between pleasure and pain to be able to come.

the girth was great, they all loved it. Length was not an issue at all even thu I was around 5" to 5.25" EL.

Most of the edges went away. Only around the glans the edges felt a bit sharp but blended in well when erect.

I went on a business trip to LA, so of course I dropped by Dr. Elist office for a check up. He told me it looked great and he gave me a shot of kenalog near the incision to loosed some scar tissue. It worked and a few weeks later I can move my penis in all directions without much resistance from the implant.

I can tell that the implant is settling down and the capsule had formed and things are stable now. The glans pain never went away but it had lessened.

Now I am enjoying it a lot but the pain it still there and if I have sex for too long, I can't finish. I had a few lady friends with benefits and only one can tell there is something there.

At this point, about 8 months into it, I had heard all the horror stories about the implant. Some of you know I was on the old defunct mns forum and I told it as it was.....A lot of my postings got deleted for telling the truth.

Now I am thinking, fuck, is this going to blow up on me like every one is saying? Mark (a gentleman who also had the implant) and I talked on the phone about our experiences. He did not have his stitched to his shaft so he had almost no pain and he had and still is having good fun with it, right Mark?

Now, we hear about this new shit called PMMA....What the fuck is PMMA? Oh my god, it is PLASTIC BALLS....oh great now we will put plastic balls in our dicks not silicone? what gives?

To be continued!

All rights Reserved.

Live Long and F*** Long 😉

elist FAILED Silicone implant and My report here:

The elist Silicone Implant is a failure by design, a disaster by Surgeon and a Let Down by the Medical board!, in my Unmedical, Unprofessional Opinion 😉
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Nice story there Mustang2020 and thanks to you we learn what we've been spared. The cost alone sets the mind boggling not to mention the severe trauma post-operative and lastingly sexual. Not for me might I say in a strong voice, no thank you.

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Great read......I was also on the receiving end of those classic Dr. Elist fbs that would be hilarious if they weren't so sad ..."The length will come back in a few weeks" LOL,...The "Most people never have pain or complications" is a favorite of mine...In my case, he never even prescribed pain medication for me...Thank goodness I had some codeine on me (prescribed for migraines)...The worst pain I ever felt in my life that first night of nocturnal erections 
 He, of course,  never told me about that drain before the surgery; The damn thing was  my side for one week and scary as hell to remove.
And of course that was just the beginning of the nightmare...
Look forward to the next instalment!
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Life with the Elist Implant

It took my body a few months to get used to the implant and to heal well. The capsule formed in a few months not few weeks. The penis always looked like it was at least 70% erect 24/7. It was always in the way when riding or driving any motor vehicle. I always had to move it out of the middle of my pants and to the left because it is semi erect and pointing downwards. If I wore shorts, I had to be careful that it did not stick out of the side if I was siting down or bending down to pick something up.

Many people noticed it. Of course that felt good when a lot of women noticed and took another look. In bed, I had more confidence even though I was confidant before the implant. I can last for hours if I wanted to due to the less sensitivity and the slight pain at the glans.

Sex with it was fantastic thu, It was easy to make most girls come easily. Most of them loved the girth and they would be wet through out the act. I had a girl come three times and I was not even done half way thru my normal routine.

One girl knew there was something inside and she kept touching it and feeling under the implant  and behind the glans, she almost were mesmerized by it in a strange way.

Decision to remove the implant

Overall, if we did not have PMMA and and I did not have pain at the glans, I think I would have kept it. BUT, with the pain, the uncertainty of its future and the high complication rate of other patients, I decided to consider removing it.

This was a huge decision for me because it was working but it had its flaws. It took me months, about three to four months, to make the final decision to remove it. I called a few members on this board including MM and discussed removing it. They were all supportive and they listened to my plans.

I called Dr. Elist and discussed remving with him. He was actaully very supportive and he said he will do what ever I want but he would like to see me in his office. I basically had three options: Remove it and fix the sharp edges, remove it and replace it with the new one, remove it and go for PMMA!!!!

I set up an appointment with the Dr in May 2011, and I was supposed to have it removed at his office, but I told him; no way, I wanted it removed in a surgery center under controlled clean conditions. He was going to charge me for that, but a week later he called me and he said he will do it for free.....I thought that was a great gesture on his part.

I have to tell you that not many Dr's will remove an implant, Alloderm, Belladerm, FFT or PMMA for free.... We all know that all these surgeries had their problems (Not the PMMA as far as I know as of today) and I knew a few guys who had problems with their PE surgeries and had to pay extra to have it fixed.

My point is, FOR ME, he treated me well enough and with respect even thu he was not accurate about many important facts about the implant. I was mad at him for a lot of things but I also felt that he did right by me in many ways. And for that, the truth must be told!

More to come!

All rights Reserved.

Live Long and F*** Long 😉

elist FAILED Silicone implant and My report here:

The elist Silicone Implant is a failure by design, a disaster by Surgeon and a Let Down by the Medical board!, in my Unmedical, Unprofessional Opinion 😉
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That is one thing Elist has going for him, his after care continuity.

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You have any pics of and implant Message?
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Sex with the Implant, how was it??

Well, I regress......Looking back now and the fact that I had few complications, sex was overall good to very good. There were a few problems; the pain behind the glans, the semi erect state 24/7 (a positive sometimes, read on), and the detectability of it to name a few main ones.

Condoms where a problem. Most Implant patients develop a Turkey's neck problem and that causes the condom to roll off to the tip of the penis.

Placing the condom on was a challenge by itself. I used magnum XL, It would roll on to the glans and get stuck just behind it and in front of the beginning of the implant. Then I had to do the painful thing and grab the edges of the condom and roll over the rest of the penis. This caused further pain near the glans and sometimes I would loose erection and have to start with foreplay all over again.

The condom base was too tight and it pinched the shaft and caused it to discolor and restrict blood flow. the base was so big the condom would roll of to the tip of the penis!!! not very safe. I would have to stop and roll it back on...a pain in the shaft ....

On the other hand, the semi hard on all the time came in handy. Sometimes I had a girl who can go on for ever and climax a few times, so even if I finish after her coming twice for example, I would take a minute rest then I can continue with sex because it was still mostly hard and erect. I can literary fuck for hours if I wanted to and the slight pain helped in making me last forever.

Some girls liked to grab it all night because it felt erect and hard even thu it was really taking a nap!

I had a few lady friends with benefits ( I have not had a girlfriend for a long time, I like my freedom) and they all like it and would come easily.

One thing, forget anal sex with the ladies, just too big at the base. Only one girl could take it half way.

On a good day, the base was 7.1", mid shaft was 6.5" and 5.5" at the glans, erect of course. Length was a bit over 5.25 (lost over .75" erect length due to implant).

So, as you can imagine, I went back and forth about removing it over a thousand times....It was consuming me quite a bit and I knew I had to make a decision and stick with....

Like I mentioned, I talked to a few friends on this board and I discussed removing it with Dr. Elist and Dr. Alter and Dr. Rothenthal.....

I finally decided to make a final decision and remove it and live with the consequences.

The devious plane I was to undertake!!!!

Well, I am not that stupid I thought. I had talked to Dr. Alter who said he would remove it for $7500 plus I had to see him four more times for Kenalog injections and he of course can guarantee nothing...that cost me $100 over the phone.

I talked to Dr. Rothenthal who would take it out, put in Belladerm and cut the ligs for $10,000.00.....and again no guarantees!!!!!!

Then I stumbled on Dr. Runels and his PRFM, I found him on the internet and there was some discussion about him on the older forum. I contacted him and we talked a few times. He was a straight shooter, I can tell he is not looking for only $$$$, and he tried it on him self and a few patients with moderate success and NO BAD SIDE EFFECTS!!!

He said he will be in the San Diego area in June, I happen to do be doing some business in northern California at the same time, He guaranteed results or money back and no bad side effects....Well, then what the fuck! I have been thru hell...I will consider this treatment as part of my plan....

Of course, there was the awesome news about PMMA, and like all of you penis addicted people, I was reading about PMMA a few times a day on the old forum and this Rev 2.0 forum....

To be continued!

All rights Reserved.

Live Long and F*** Long 😉

elist FAILED Silicone implant and My report here:

The elist Silicone Implant is a failure by design, a disaster by Surgeon and a Let Down by the Medical board!, in my Unmedical, Unprofessional Opinion 😉
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Hey Mustang,

Could girls normally take it the entire way?  I know you said a small girl couldn't but another one could, just wondering what the standard was.  That is massive girth.

Keep writing!
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Yes, Most girls could take the girth after a lot of stimulation and foreplay and of course lube. The young no baby ones had a problem. The "mature" ones can take it all the way. The ones who had babies loved it. Most of them liked to mount it and take care of themselves as they pleased.....I felt used and abused ....
Live Long and F*** Long 😉

elist FAILED Silicone implant and My report here:

The elist Silicone Implant is a failure by design, a disaster by Surgeon and a Let Down by the Medical board!, in my Unmedical, Unprofessional Opinion 😉
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