At first. I have Klinefelter and extreme social anxiety , which means that i live now since 6 years in constant Isolation, i never even kissed a Girl and my hope for the future has gone now to Zero...

Feminism and cultural maxism in combination with an degenerative libtardet individualism sugar coated by political correctness has ruined and demonised male sexuality in my Country to a Point where an average male is called rapist only if he Shows sexual interest to a women.

of Course its not the same for the top 20% who are getting the most sex and Attention of german women, in the City where i live theres a centre for Teenagers and there are only german girls and immigrants, its extremly rare there to see a White blond blue eyed guy most because they are heavily feminised and weak compared to our new "Gold Pieces" (Yes thats EXACTLY how our Politcans call them) who are overly extremly aggressive and "thugish".

As someone who passively observed this Situation i can say that for an average or under average men like me chances of getting laid or getting a girlfriend are almost None existent, not because im simply shy or unconfident, no because every White heterosexual male has no "right" anymore to have an sexuality (plus the fact that i have extremly social anxiety coupled with Panic attacks without even the slightest confidence) female hypergamy and sexuality is getting pushed by the media while a men is a Sexist for Holding the door open for a women.

Of Course all this only goes for White men, feminists and the media are protecting muslim males who are forcing their women to wear a burka while they discriminate White males for their sexuality

Im now 18 years old and all what i see around me is a desocialized degenerative world with abnormal double Standards, where a men like me has Zero chances no matter if in Dating, Career, getting friends, or Hobbys like my boxing Training or any other potential talent.

Ive never had a strong father figure and ive grown up in a Feminist female dominated household, which has traumatized me to the Point that im even ashamed of my masculinity and my sexuality.

Also i live in poverty.

I really want to commit suicide, and my previous Posts where senseless, because only a bigger penis (or in my case neo Phallus) wont do shit for me (also because my Body is in General fucked up through a huge weight loss which has resulted now in lose Skin)

Hopefully i will be able to kill myself and die in peace just like Lester from American Beauty.

With greetings, Dude123.
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The same thing is happening in England.
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I see you're from Germany, Merkel has surely f**ked up your country IMO. Allowing over 1.2 million immigrants into a country & not giving a shit about your own people is simply retarded.

Even here in the states, in NY, the governor wants to give free college education to immigrants while US citizens gotta bust their ass working or take out major loans to pay for schoolingschooling, its getting way out of hand in most countries around the world with feminism, etc.

As for suicide, IMO, its not the answer, because once you're gone, that's it, no coming back.

I think within the next 10 years we will see some huge breakthroughs in the medical field, & technology will sky rocket.

Its definitely not easy when your poor, & you don't have a body that's attractive the way you would like it, but you're only 18, I guarantee you there will be breakthroughs by the time you're 25 to 30 years old & you will be able to get the body you've always wanted.

Try being in your 30's, 40's or 50's & still waiting on something to roll out in the scientific/medical field to help us men out.

Patience is a virtue, & suicide isn't the answer. If suicide had a happy ending, a lot of people would be doing it.

I see you have panic attacks & anxiety from not wanting to be around people...quite a few men on this site probably feel the same way.

There's a reason those men are on this site, they want a bigger penis, & don't know where else to turn but to talk to others like themselves online.

You can't talk about the stuff we do on here with your siblings, or your relatives, heck, even with your parents would be awkward.

Most men are alone on their journey for a bigger penis & a better looking body so they can one day have the confidence to comfortably walk on a beach, take their underwater off in front of a girl, & not feel self conscious.

This world can be very cruel, but we have no choice but to fight for what we want & what we believe in.

Good luck, & don't ever give up hope!
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Honestly, you sound like a whiny bitch. You are 18 years old, have social anxiety and depression, never been laid, and it is Angela Merkel and a bunch of immigrants fault? You can tell yourself that the average male is called a rapist for expressing interest in a woman if it makes you feel better, but to my knowledge, the average woman is still getting laid, just not by you.

The fact that you think someone took your right to express your sexuality is also weird and lame - not sure who is supposed to give you that right and when, but it sounds like you feminized yourself, have no sexuality and are sitting at home blaming everyone else. As far as being raised by women, what are you still doing home at 18? My dad died when I was 3, I was raised by my mother and sisters and left home at 16. Your 18 - move out, people do it all the time, all over the world. 

I love the part about the world won't even let you have a hobby. How does that make any fucking sense? You can't have a hobby because the world has double standards? If you don't want to be feminized anymore how about you stop blaming the rest of the world because you are an unhappy 18-year-old with social anxiety and a small dick? That covers 80% of adolescent kids.
Go to a fucking gym, go on a diet, go on the internet and get testosterone, it costs $30 a month, go to a doctor and get put on social anxiety meds, get a job and move out.

No one wants to go on a date with anyone who spends the time bitching about how women and society and emasculated them to the point they can't even have a hobby anymore, but you really would be a boxer if they allowed you to. You have loose skin because you don't box and you don't box because you sit at home and blame Angela Merkel and immigrants. 

Btw, I was suicidal most of my childhood - you are either going to do it or you are not, and you are not. You want someone to stop feminizing you, how about you take my advice.
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This is like red pill advice delivered by a cunt.

You're not wrong, Hunky, but you are a cunt for your delivery.

Regardless, I enjoyed it.

Apart from the suicide bit. 'you're either going to do it or you're not '
Well you can apply that to anything to be fair. So that's a stupid thing to say.

That and you're almost a boomer, about the same age as my dad. Getting a job was a piece of piss for your generation, this lad likely has fuck all.
Again you're right in your advice, he needs it. I need it, look at my posts this last year some of them are fucking pathetic. And I used to box and live the gym, so what the fuck does that have to do with it.

Why am I picking a fight with you? Not sure I'm pissed off and anger hurts less than depression, that, and you hit people you get hit.
Love you, hunky, Prick. Xx
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I dont blame the world for my inability to pursue my Hobbys, its because my social anxiety, which makes it impossible for me to go again to the gym or to starting boxing. (It makes it actually impossible for me to go to the bakery store without getting a panic attack)

And what i mean is that an average male or under average male like me without confidence or any social skills will be demonised and called a creeper if i try to approach a girl and show sexual interest in her.

German girls are feminime and submissive to alpha males, and hysteric insulting loud-feminazi-mouthed to beta males or general any men whos not fit in their "Ideals".
There are tons of feminised white "Nice Guys" here in germany who desperately are trying to get laid but cant, so they all watch excessively porn and getting ED through it. 

So if not even these "Nice Guys" can get laid, then its really not a question for me anymore if i can.

And no, i dont have loose skin because i dont box, i have loose skin because ive dropped a whole human in weight in 9 Months.

But no matter, from where the hell you can get testosterone (although i need HCG) for only 30 bucks a month???? Here in germany you only can get it with a prescribtion.
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And i agree with naginati, your sentence Hunky 'you're either going to do it or you're not ' should probaly actually sound plain simple and meaningful, but like naginati already said its a really stupid thing to say.

Just like Dalai Lama whos says nothing in principle with his quotes than: In the morning the sun will rise and in the evening she will perish!

.....And everybody calls him a philosopher
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Everyone has valid points, let’s stop bitching now.
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Many young men go thru the same problems you're having. I do know there's a woman out there for you somewhere, regardless of how impossible that may seem right now. The ball really is in your court and it's up to you to grab life by the neck and make things happen. You lost a lot of weight and for that I congratulate you. That's a great start, though you are self-conscious about the loose skin. My advice to you is to go to a doctor and do a complete hormone panel. If your testosterone is low you can get a prescription for that, including HCG, even in Germany. I'm from Sweden originally and know that socialized health care pays for that stuff. You can also get surgery to remove your loose skin. A psychologist (or psychiatrist) can write a prescription for the skin removal if your diagnosis shows you're showing severe mental trauma and illness from it.

As far as a small package goes, there are options, even for people with a micro penis. Your medical professionals can help show you the way. Most importantly, at this point, is probably to get professional help for your depression. Suicide is truly a permanent solution to a temporary problem. Seek help with that immediately; then you can tackle each one of your other issues, one at a time. Good luck.
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Herbert West


You have 8" BPEL and you're still whining about dick, what's wrong with you? If you haven't enough girth, there's options to improve it. What would you do if you would have 5-6" BPEL?

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I probaly dont have 8 Inch BPEL anymore because trough the ED i have, my penis seems to be shrinkin both in length and girth. I do also have a HUGE Fatpad (Which is also loose Skin), my testicles are also extremly small, even so small that it Looks like i would be a Eunuch. And how i already said, i have an extremly skinny penis.

I would Need a couple of surgeries, but i dont got the Money for it (even in the future i wont have so much Money)

But this is actually completely senseless, because ist impossible for someone like me to get laid.

Most People cant imagine how its like to have extreme social anxiety coupled with Panic attacks like me.

Im NOT your typical average Teenager, who is simply shy and has Problems with his self esteem. Im someone who has ABNORMAL EXTREME social anxiety. 

If you dont sit in the same boat like me, you cant judge about me.

And if all These Things would be just about a bit "Self improving" then why the porn industry has grown so big? Why is Prostitution such a big Business? 

...Simple, because there will be always men who will not can get laid

At this Point i dont want to Sound whiny or pessimistic, but i do think that at some Point you should look in to the eyes of reality, which is just bitter.
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I stopped reading posts from this user when he posted his comical and unsubstantiated measurements. Lots of giveaways that he's just a troll, among the most glaring of which, it's obvious right from his first post that he's American, using American vernacular, and using "lbs" to describe his weight loss.
CURRENT: 6.2" EL x 6.2" EG
GOAL: 7" EL x 6" EG
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Thats bullshit chester, i use lbs that all these americans here can understand how much weight i mean.

And im definitely not a troll.
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It is tough.
No question about it.
Agree with a lot of stuff you write.

On the other hand you could also say it's not tough at all.
If you expect nothing.
I compared myself to african children who grow up in the dirt, sleep on the naked earth, worrying about the next meal.
This is not a 'cracy comparison'. Most of the world, the vast mayority of humans on earth, lives shittier than you.
Africa. Middle east. India. Most of the world.

You live in Germany? One of the richest nations on earth. I am austria.
Good quality water basically free into your room. Social welfare state.

Go to http://www.globalrichlist.com/. If you earn 800euros per months, you are in the top 15% of richest persons in the world.

You just need a plan, one you chose. One that makes you feel better than others.
(Perhaps not the most healthy psychological attitude longterm, but a good start to get some energy making one go *somewhere*).

Eg I did this:
Don't have a car. Don't do holiday. Don't eat/drink outside mindlessly.
Get informed about all the social welfare stuff that you can get, and get it all.
Work something. See your money grow and grow. Get into crypto speculating.
If you think about moving out: Rent the smallest cheapest shithole you can find (in a city).
Find something you enjoy doing. And get good at it. And start doing it for other people, first for free, later for tiny money, then for more and more.
If you have the shittiest low paying job now, it's probably possible to slowly earn same amount of money with that activity. Fast forward 10 years and suddenly you earn much much more per hour. And you have big money in bank.

Approach ugly girls. Have sex with ugly girls. Ugly girls who find you attractive do all kinds of dirty stuff for you.

Get into fitness and working out. I did it at home with pullup bar and weights.

Get free psychotherapy - this could be hard. In my case i was lucky, i was a university student and they had free psychotherapy for all students (!).

That shall be just inspiration. That was my plan.

Ok, fuck - you had a great weight loss? That's a big big big accomplishment. Not many people can do that. And it's really really hard.
So that is a big thing you did at 18, that eg countless older people don't manage to do, they stay fat till they die.
So that is a project you already did.

Steroids: they are illegal, one buys them in the internet. You have to search for a community that discusses good places to buy to not get ripped off or poisoned.
If you are broke i don't know if that's the right call (you have to take this stuff for the rest of your life to keep the effects). 

At your age i was depressed, no job, lived at home, 200 euros in bank, supershy, was supersure that no woman in the rest of my life will ever sleep with me.
Now 15 years later i am very stable mentally, am a 'professional' in a field, am in top 4% richest people in the world (it's not special, most people in the world are fucking poor) , fucked over 50 women (for free), some threesomes, i teach other people how to be on the stage and how to hold speeches.
I know perhaps you are a harder case, just as an example.


Before:                              10.0 cm    erect girth         15.5cm erect length
After Round 1, 10ml 10%:  10.7 cm    erect girth
After Round 2, 10ml 30%:  11.3 cm    erect girth
After Round 3, 12ml 30%:~11.6 cm    erect girth
After Round 4, 11ml 30%:  12.5 cm    erect girth (1 month after, biggest part, smallest part near penis glans is only 10.5cm)
Journal: https://tinyurl.com/phallodreamjournal
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- i never dislike posts, if i dislike something i write it as a reply 
- PM's are mostly bullshit- ask me in a forum so everybody can read my answer, and never ask me for free pictures
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This is an example of how to do it. Said it before, you're an inspiring chap.
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