The cuckolding/hotwifing phenomenon has grown exponentially over the years. I've known about the lifestyle for quite awhile, but I have seen the explosion of homemade content, the hotwife and cuckolding subreddits and other hotwife communities. I'm sure many of you are aware of it here. 

Has anyone here participated in the lifestyle? Thoughts on it?

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I have a friend that does it. Stays pretty busy between 3 websites. Gets repeat requests. No sure about how endowed he is, but his stature is def larger than the norm. somewhere on the chart near 6 foot 5. Built like a linebacker. Uses the wives like fuck dolls. They must like it despite several comments that they hate that verbiage.. Nonetheless, everyone likes to fuck. They just want to appear classy about it.

Before:   18cm erect length                                13 cm       erect girth         

10/18 After Round 1, 12x30% + 13x10% = 25 15.5 cm    erect girth
04/19 After Round 2, Spring 19
10/19 After Round 3, Fall 19
04/20 After Round 4, Optional


Goal: Retired from PE due to satisfaction of penis size.

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I enjoy seeing my wife being pleased by another man... and today it certainly is NOT because he has bigger penis.... so there are other sides to this proof  small penis theory you have.  First, one theory that it is irrespective of size.. is evolution about  competition... you leave to hunt... wife gets sperm from another man inside her... now you need to compete... which science has proven... after being away from spouse you will have LARGER sperm ejaculation ... to  compete with the other sperm inside my wife/partner...

Life is not centered around penis size is my point.   And here an off topic tip... I am in open/swinger 15+ year relationship here is what I learned:

* Penis size does not fucking matter to the women as long as you are: confident, know how to use it.. know how to turn on a women.  (BTW a bigger penis without any of those trades... is the same as small penis... )
* I have been with over 300 women and my wife 300+ men... and never never never is penis size discussed.. rather...was he able to stay hard, was he able to get the women wet, was he able to hold on until she came first..??... that is ... man.. nothing else.. and especially NOT size... BTW... I am just over 6 and 1/2 inches thick mid... which I can tell you from from being around LOTS of naked men is thee largest!!!  But guys at 5 inches that can WOW a women.. have me beat all day long... let me repeat... all day long....


You want a bigger dick.. go for it!!!!  But know if not now.. at some time... it takes way way way more to get a women to roll her eyes backwards and go into screaming la la land... than the size of YOUR dick......

Been there.. done it.... and here I am telling you how it is brother...size don't matter... YOU matter..
First PMMA 9-2016
EL = 6.5
EMC = 6.1
18 cc x 30% and 3cc x 10% + PRP
Second PMMA 1-2018
EL = 7.0 bone pressed
EMC = 6.8+ (6 and 1/2 inches)
EMC = 6.6 (after 4 months)
**Updated May 7th 2018 6.6 inches lost 0.2 after 4 months which was expected.**
10cc x 30%  8cc x 10%, 4cc of micro drops and PRP
Third PMMA 10-2018
21cc total 12cc 10% and 9cc 30%
EL = 7.0 bone pressed
EMC = 6.12 (6 3/4+) Gain of 1 1/2+ inches in EMC
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Couldn'thave written it better.
CURRENT: 6.2" EL x 6.2" EG
GOAL: 7" EL x 6" EG
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Well it is not exactly a fetish of mine, but my girl and I love swinger parties and we go regularly. Most of the times she is fine with the men present, while I am more picky, less enthusiastic and/or have cummed earlier, so I get to hang out while she is getting fucked by someone else. What I can tell is that there is a size that she likes best and that is around 7' long and 6' thick. She would pass, or go trough swiftly out of kindness with a much smaller dick and she would straight up refuse or only suck a bigger dick than 8 inches (there are only so few of these, maybe one in 100 we've seen). because it hurts too much and there is no pleasure for her in that.
And that is one of the aspects. Hardness is just as important as size and technique/intensity is the third important part.

here is a recent story if someone is interested. Long read:
Couple of weeks ago she had the best sex of her life with a Romanian guy. It was a after party after NY celebration. Earlier that day I fucked her  in the hotel for a few orgasms but got tired before I finish and went to sleep a bit. It was an after party, so we thought, no sex, just say hello, chat, gossip over what happened the previous nights ( party was 3 nights in a row) And we were wrong. Fewer people, but much better atmosphere. No one was drunk, the assholes were gone, all people were interesting. First couple we spoke was a match and the wife said her fetish is squirt and Cveti is a prolific squirter, so hop we go upstairs. We played for about 20 min with that couple did some brief DP with my girl and I came rather quickly and that means I am out of commission for the night. The guy had a small thin dick and I could see she was only being polite to go trough it. His wife licked her pussy for few minutes , enjoyed the squirt in her face and that was it. We went downstairs.
Then we met a GREAT couple, exactly what we like. Very intelligent, classy non smoker couple at our age (35). Great chemistry straight away. I knew I could not perform but said yes anyway as my girl liked both of them and I want her to have fun. The other girl joked about her husband is а beast and my girl should be cautious. We laughed... initially.
So... we go upstairs. My girls is totally the party clown always smiling, cracking jokes and atmosphere was fun and relaxed. All got undressed and no surprise I couldn't get it up for a million bucks. I havent slept more than 10 hours combined in the last 3 nights and had sex every night. I was done. So long story short his petite delicate wife was cuddling in me on one side of the bed and The Beast was fucking my girl like she was a drag doll. His wife was holding her hand, we chatted and commented. At one point she went downstairs to bring my girl water, I went to bring her some more, she drank 4 liters and was sweating profusely, water dripping from the end of her hair. She was screaming and squirting every few minutes. I know she had dozens of orgasms but could not count them as sometimes she has continuous ones on a loop for few minutes..
I had sex once for 8 hours with her, but not like this. Like this I can last only about 15-20 min before I am out of breath or cramped. That guy was ferocious, rocking the bed with the four of us on it and kept going super intensively 30 min, 60 min, 2 hours, 2.15 min .... Had a big towel on his neck and just wiped sweat from time to time and there was no sign of fatigue.
She came a total of 44 times. 41 vaginally and 3 anally. And earlier that day she already had something like 13-14 orgasms from me, one other guy and one girl And she asked for it to be over. For the first time in her life she said "I cant go on"
Was his dick bigger?  - No. Same length, a little bit thinner because she had no problem with anal and with me she always has. But that guy had a rock solid erection for more than 2 hours and pounded her with energy of 10 suns. And that to her was the winning combination.
Who was happiest in the room? His wife, she was glowing. Said she is so happy her loved one got something she cant give him herself. And I felt the same. You wanna see your loved one be happy and have everything. It also motivated me to pursue a better cardio and work on my EQ. My record with her is 22 orgasms in one session and I though this was unbeatable. Then someone else topped it with an order of a magnitude. What a motivation.
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Very nice story but if i understand correctly  he sbout 7 inch long and sbout 5,5-5,8 thick ? 
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honestly im so insecure. there was a rogueish pilled-up kid post rave sunday morning who i had to tell to stop pawing my gf or i'll take him outside and drown him in the river. you swingers are sex buddhists! i dont think i could even be the one in a threesome with partners. it's all in the mind! which is i think the moral of this thread by now.
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I am 5.7-6 girth depending on mood and condition, he was probably 5.4-5.5.
@number22 - There is a vast difference between certain situations.  Everyone is terrified of jealousy before they jump in but once you go TOGETHER you get surprised there is nothing like that. You go as a couple, you are a couple in the process and you leave as a couple. You experience this TOGETHER. Nothing changes and you can sense it and it alleviates your preconception of "cheating"
The only time I felt jealous and hurt was when we had a fight before a party and I said some pretty bad things to her. At the party we were not talking and at one point split. I found her cuddling with a friend of ours and I could sense she was confiding with him and he was providing comfort. And I felt terrible. It is not the sex it is the act of betrayal and failure. The feeling that someone else makes her happy they way you used to. And it has very little to do with sex.
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