I have been searching through this entire database of information. I have ED and doc is considering a prosthesis. Going to try pills first as the pump has not worked in his opinion. At best I'm EG 4.25 inches before ED kicked in. Would I be able to get a filler after the implant if I have to go that route?
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Talk to Dr. Shafer New York or Dr Christine Birmingham Alabama 
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Dr Oates
Before the implant (which has no way back) try PRP and shockwave therapy (at least the SWT). Botox is an experimental option coming but I don't think anyone is really doing it yet.
What ever you do, make sure it is safe.
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Herbert West
@Caveman  had a AMS 700 LGX in 2004 and then a few rounds of PMMA. He had a revision of IPP in 2017 or so iirc.
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I had a 80% reversal of my ED, for awhile I had low back issues, causes motorcycle, football and sitting on my ass at work, engineer.  Sp what been great about the back surgery I had it's has improved my ED upwards of 80%. Nerves at L2 & L3  can get pinched by your disk causing ED problems. Fixing the disk can resolved the feeling and help can resolve the ED. I believe they are many guys that could have their ED reversed by correcting their lumbar, low disk back problems. After surgery at L2 & L3 my ED is 80% improved. The spine doctor also clean other part that were arthritic low back joints.  Do some research on Spine Anatomy, in the diagram it locates the nerve and where it goes.  

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