(This is an update from that topic)

I torn some tissue in my penis 3 or 4 years ago. Since then my penis is deteriorating progressively.

The fascia (called Buck in literature) was forcefully torn apart from the corona of the glans.

Here is a summary of my condition (I don't have pictures of my penis before the incident, but it was perfectly normal & uncircumcised).

Detached Dartos fascia v3(2).jpg   


Detached fascia v2 down.jpg   

I did see multiple urologists who said everything looked normal. The latest one I saw said the frenulum was too short ... Which is wrong, it is the prepus which is too long. But you can see the problem here, the urologist only see the consequences, and don't understand the cause.

I don't want circumcision, frenulum or urethra plasty, I want the root cause to be addressed, eg the fascia to be re connected to the corona.

BTW there are other people with similar problems :

I don't know how those cases relate to mine. I think all those issues are in a grey zone where fascias are damaged but not the tunica albuginea.
If you have a similar problem, please post the details here or in a new topic.

To advance on the subject, we need :

- to find an exam which would show the problem with the fascia.
I did (without the agreement of a doctor!) a MRI. That didn't help as fascias just DON'T APPEAR on the MRI. The MRI system was quite old, so maybe more recent ones would show the fascias ? Some people made doppler scans, but they were inconclusive (did the fascias actually appeared on those ?). When you do exams, please check the results yourself. Because doctors saying everything is fine may
actually mean "the system doesn't have enough resolution to show the fascias" !

- to find about techniques that repair the problem. That would be to stitch the fascia ?
On that page there is a technique which stitches the fascia in order to remove the curvature. I guess that would be the same technique.

- to find about doctors understanding & fixing the problem.
Until now I did not found such doctor. I did found a urologist who told me that there was nothing between the skin & the albugina (no fascias !) !
Maybe the doctor in the previous link would get it, but Singapore is a little too far for me (but I would probably go if I was confident in the result).
Dr Djordjevic would be up to the task as he says : "
fixation between the skin, dartos, and tunica albuginea at the base of the penis has been performed" there. But he didn't replied to me.
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Just a few question dfg did you hear a pop or snap if so you may have fractured your penis ( the tunica albunigea) and if the prep us is too long and is covering the glans you my be suffering from buried penis

I'm wondering if buried penis and a penile fracture can go hand in hand so to speak , if you read that article you posted about buried penis they do mention trauma , Dr. Gary Alter might be a good name to research and have you had a dopplar ultrasound done I've had 2 and they both were normal according to the drs. I got a paper copy of my results from one of the docs

Though I would think radiography or an MRI would be the way to go though after reading what you said I might not be so sure, I'm sure there's gotta be some other tests around

And do you also have no morning erections and loss of sensation?
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Wow. I hope you can get this sorted. I feel your frustration with doctors. Don't go with anyone you don't feel good about. Keep us updated, this is really amazing to see this kind of openness, thanks for sharing with us.
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@Jonyoung I don't remember a "pop" sound, just the pain & feeling of something cracked. Also there was no purple color,
which is expected when you damaged the 
tunica albunigea, because of some blood escaping the corpus cavernosa.
I am not completely sure, but on the diagram below (from wikipedia) I think the torn tissue is Buck's fascia, as Dartos is going inside the foreskin and seems to be just a support for the skin, whereas the damaged fascia seems to be a strong tissue going directly to the glans.
Perpendicular view :
Penis_cross_section.svg.png Longitudinal view : (Buck's facia is PF)

I don't think this is buried penis, my penis is completely external.
About the dopplar you got, can you see the different fascias on it ? That is the different layers of tissue inside the penis. I can have a look if you send me a picture of it by PM.
The MRI I made didn't have enough resolution to see the fascias. You could only see the corpus cavernosa. Maybe there are better MRI.

About erections, there was no change after the incident. A few months ago I started feeling pain (in the area behind the glans) when having an erection, and since then I avoid at all cost to have erections. I got only erections in my sleep, which are not very string and yet a little painful.

@nohidingstyle thank you. At that point I don't have much more hope left, so I just try to gather info about my case and expect to ring a bell in someone ...
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Continuing the investigation ...

I went to the Doctor Miro Djordjevic at Belgrad. [EDITED] the while tissue we see below is nt Buck fascia, it is tunica albuginea. Buck fascia is the problem indeed, we can see it torn apart at the bottom of the pic.

Here is the fascia checked during the operation :
001 only right penile artery..JPG 

The very thin skin (which doesn't contain Buck) is visible at the top, it was left attached to the glans, and used to suture after the surgery.  See below :

005 appearance at the end of surgery.JPG 

The skin is sutured, but the very thin skin leaving the glans is still here. The fascia only begins at the level of the suture. 

The skin in that area, not supported by the fascia, is really thin, and now swollen as some lymph (I guess) is flowing underneath (consequence of the degloving of the penis).

I discussed after with the doctor, and he said it was possible to remove the very thin skin, and connect the "thick" skin (eg the fascia) directly to the glans.

He asked me to wait 6 month before another operation, so I think I may do that afterwards.
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Do you mind me asking how much he charged for this?
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As I asked only to remove the prepuce / unglove / check that Buck's fascia is ok, he charged me only 3 200 €. He usually does heavier operations which cost more.
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After 6 months the situation is no better. The initial problem is still present.

A consequence of the operation (ungloving + circumcision) there is like a "life ring" around the glans. Because of the operation lymph flowed in that area, and in the area where there was no fascia the skin swollen.


The skin immediately behind the glans continues to stretch.

I found some medical reports with cases related to my issues. They call it "sclerosing lymphangitis" or more precisely "Nonvenereal sclerosing lymphangitis". For those of you who think they have the same issue, please do a google search image on this, there are many photos with good symptoms.

For instance :

The problem is quite clear on the pictures above. I am amazed that doctors don't have a clue when it is so visible. We can see there is like a channel around the glans, it is the fascia that doesn't connect to the glans anymore. This is the root cause, causing the skin to be stretched around the glans.
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And here is the analysis of the photo of the operation, we can actually see the torn fascia on it ! The clean cut of the skin is one centimetre below.

Copy of Dartos fascia torn apart from glans v3.jpg 
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not wanting to waste your time but i'm having a similar issue. Basically, when i pull my foreskin down my flaccid penis has almost the same wrinkles and folded look you showed in one of your earlier pictures. In my case, this was caused by pumping (which i believe pulled way too much skin). I never felt any pain whatsoever, but i have the horrible feeling the outer skin layer has been somewhat disconnected from the rest. Could this also be a case of torn fascia? After the surgery you got, did you get rid of the wrinkles?

Thank you.
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I don't know about pumping, but yes the skin layer can separate from the below layer (fascia), and that gives a wrinkled look to the skin. I don't think this is reversible.
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tom kat
that pic in the first post with the wrinklis in the middle. sometiems my flaccid looks like that ( just thought it was the foreskin). what does that mean? does that mean i have torn facia? I have never done any PE. what other symptoms are there? does this mean you wont gain from pe? i am worried now.2025141.png

sometimes when i am getting erect, the middle part is a bit skinnier compared to the upper and lower parts (so it it a bit hour glass shaped). but during full erection it is normal.

do you have those wrinkles all the time? i only get them when turtled?

Have you lost penis size due to the problem?
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dfg245, how did you injure yourself?

What were your symptoms initially and now (did the feeling of your flaccid and erect penis change)? How about ease of getting an erection? Sensations lessen? I ask all this because I may have a similar problem and I am trying to figure out if its a torn fascia issue.


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testing345 wrote:

dfg245, how did you injure yourself?

What were your symptoms initially and now (did the feeling of your flaccid and erect penis change)? How about ease of getting an erection? Sensations lessen? I ask all this because I may have a similar problem and I am trying to figure out if its a torn fascia issue.


Omg I'm so glad I found this post! Dfg 245 you've described my symptoms to a tee. Thank you so so so so much for this.

How are you now? Has anything changed?
I'm going on 2+ years since my trauma. And been to 6 urologists. None of them could help me.
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hey guys !! 
i have the same symptoms like you but i wanna know that because of this torn fascia do you feel any pain in penis or in glan while errection??  
5 months ago while mastrubating i figured out that my penis glan wasnt able to keep blood nad was inflating a bit instantly and i started googling it and it gone worse reading all about ED it was getting even hard for me to get errections. i went to doctor and told him whole thing he said it just in my mind so i had one viagra and was getting my errections and i was getting normal errections after that easily. But now again as i started lookiing for this torn fascia my mind is fucked totally and i am having same symptoms and it is also effecting my errections. My flaccied penis feels weird than before no reduction in size though even when errect. but my glans not getting eneough blood and even penis under glans looks weird it wasnt like this before. so just want to know that is that ED or torn facsia. PLzz help me guys!! Thanks

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