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@hoddle10 - So are you saying I got a partial scrotum lift?  lol -  When the examination was done, he did mention that I had quite a bit of scotum, but not to bad, I think he said something like medium scrotal sack.   Appreciate the observation!  
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It's less of a lift and more of a lowering of the penis, that is accommodated by promoting some pubic skin forward, by making a V incision and closing in a linear fashion, by rotating some scrotal skin. Basically it's kind of like creating slack, to accommodate more length. 
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How much did you pay for it? I need to have the same surgery! 

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hoddle10 wrote:
It looks like a V/Y, but strangely with only one fork of the "Y." I think he might have decided to rotate a little scrotal skin, to create some slack or a flap and then stitched it up. 

I've edited one of your photos to show what I think he's done. The blue circle highlight the area where the second folk of the "Y" is missing. The red lines show how far up on either side of the penis the scrotal skin goes. We can see it's a good cm or so higher on the side with the blue circle. So I'm pretty sure that he's just taken from of the slack scrotal skin and rotated it in, rather than doing a full V/Y flap.

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Hey man
any updates on this please?
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I still would like to see the before and after of this 2 inch gain.
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Can you make sure to post some pics with measuring tape in flaccid and erect please!!!
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Post some pictures please.
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Looks good
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Skeptical One
He's posted quite a few. Please either be patient or send photo requests via private message, because otherwise "pics please" comes off as spam.

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