Guys let’s share! I’m looking for something new to try.
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just choosing the right size, mysize has lots of sizes
Before:                              10.0 cm    erect girth         15.5cm erect length
After Round 1, 10ml 10%:  10.7 cm    erect girth
After Round 2, 10ml 30%:  11.3 cm    erect girth
After Round 3, 12ml 30%:~11.6 cm    erect girth
After Round 4, 11ml 30%:  12.5 cm    erect girth (1 month after, biggest part, smallest part near penis glans is only 10.5cm)
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- i never dislike posts, if i dislike something i write it as a reply 
- PM's are mostly bullshit- ask me in a forum so everybody can read my answer, and never ask me for free pictures
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Asianboi wrote:
Guys let’s share! I’m looking for something new to try.

NONE!!!!!!! LOL...
if at all safe......
Live Long and F*** Long 😉

elist FAILED Silicone implant and My report here:

The elist Silicone Implant is a failure by design, a disaster by Surgeon and a Let Down by the Medical board!, in my Unmedical, Unprofessional Opinion 😉
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They have a nice width 

Four Seasons Naked Larger Condoms

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timid newbie
I'm with Dream.  Mysize is the only brand I have found so far that is somewhat comfortable and doesn't practically cut off circulation. 
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I agree with mustang lol - I like to wear a cock ring if I need a condom . If I have to wear one I like Trojan enz
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My head is bigger than my base so I think I’m F’d when it comes to condoms . Maybe I should start hanging to try to get some base girth. 
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