I dont know if this is the right place to post but here it goes..

Im 21 years old and have never had sex because of my size. Im telling you it's the worst feeling on earth. Ive had plenty of chances to fuck girls, been in bed with loads who were into me, most of the time just ended up leaving my jeans on and going to sleep. Its literal torture. Sometimes I wake up and just cry about it. Im fucking 21 years old. I don't know how much longer I can withstand it. I need a solution. Asap. 

I am 5.4" BPEL and 4.1" EG. Not too worried about length, although I would love another inch, it's the girth that needs improving. I have done a fair amount of research into enlargement and have come to realise that none of the options are truly reliable. It's hard weighing up the pros and cons of each procedure. Im struggling to decide which one. 

I was wondering If anyone could point me in the right direction. I really don't know what to do. Money isn't too much of a problem but I'm not rich so I can't be spending 2k every few months. I was hoping more for a one off procedure but it seems less reliable and not as safe. 

I would also like to get some realistic expectations. I read somewhere that the bigger your penis is to start, the bigger the gains. Every time I come on these forums it's mostly people with already above average sizes. I just wanted to know if anyone on here had a size similar to mine before surgery and what type of gains I can expect starting with 4.1" EG. 

Thanks alot
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Welcome to the forum. I'm sorry you feel so badly about your penis size, but you're crying about having a normal size. You're actually larger than I was when I started on my path of PE, and I never had any problems having sex at that size. Pretty much every woman I had sex with enjoyed it, so there's really no reason for you to abstain from having sex due to your size. It was only after I started focusing on both growth and technique (developing sexual skills) that I started making all of them orgasm. Read this:
If you still believe you need a bigger penis, a filler procedure may be right for you. However, you should allow yourself the ability to begin experimenting with sex before you consider one.
CURRENT: 6.2" EL x 6.2" EG
GOAL: 7" EL x 6" EG
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hey bro,   look.    listen to chester above man.       I was embarrassed of my size for a long time and i even actually knew that i was normal and shouldnt be embarrassed.  but i still was.   
I did a version of what chester just said and it was great.   Learn to eat a pussy like a fat kid eats a cupcake and they'll love you for it.   Make them cum before you even put it in the first.    Learn to be confident in your self and show that in the bedroom and it will make WORLDS of difference. 

so having said that.  If could have started my journey when I was your age, I sure as fuck would have.     BUT - don't enter this world unless you plan to stay,  in my opinion.    its a lifestyle for many of us.    Fast growth, slow growth, no growth,    all part of it.      My gains didn't come until I got serious with it and treated it like the going to the gym.  every day, no matter what.  

Id start PE before getting a filler if it were me.   I feel like you will get better results.   Find a routine and get to it.   And then go practice your fucking and pussy eating .    

I know there some gay guys on here, may be they can give you advice on this and chime in.    But anyway,  if you can and you don't already have any friends in that category, make some friend.  lol , best and easy way to get laid is hanging with those guys.   They can get more pussy sent your way than anyone.  IMO.   haha.    At least that worked for me.     ok,  I digress. 
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Sex change
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Skeptical One
hoddle10 wrote:
Sex change

Hoddle took his own advice and its been working wonders!

That said, yes you can certainly see a boost in circumference with the trending methods today. PMMA or HA all the way, without doubt.

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Let me ask you a question..
Though you state you avoided sex till now..I am sure you have experienced orgasm by masturbation.

Now imagine a girl gives you a blowjob so good that you have a great orgasm..AFTER that orgasm..would you not wanna have sex with her if she has small boobs? I assume you will say "her boob size doesnt matter..she made me feel amazing"

Humans..way more so human females are emotional creatures. As chester and others said..think of what you can make them "feel" with your tongue, words, smell, finger etc etc . Once she orgasms ..the only detail she will remember is " you are amazing" ..not because you are hung like a porn star but you made her " feel amazing".

That has been my experience and my starting figures were very close to yours and I am double your age, have slept with quite a few women.
Size was never an issue because I took charge of her body and mind before and during sex, and thats the biggest high females lok from a man.

My two cents..hope it helps.

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Really appreciate the replies boys. And thanks Hoddle ill drop that one in the suggestion box bruv.

I'm gonna take a look at some PE then. Looking at Chester's size now, it might be the better option. I do struggle to stay motivated but ill give it a bash. Could anyone recommend any PE routines for beginners? 

Deffo gonna do more research on that PMMA / HA as well though, cheers skeptical. 

But yeah i guess I'm overthinking it a bit. It's just that i read of all these guys with a similar size where the girl has just laughed and walked out. I know that would kill me, so i'm avoiding all chances of it possibly happening. Even thought it probably won't. I'm just really weak minded. I guess i better get reading pussy eating 101 haha. 

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timid newbie
Welcome to the board. 

I think the first place you need to start is in your own head. Your stats are not that un-similar to many others on here, myself included. Probably biggest difference is the majority of us are old enough that we didn't spend our teens, twenties, and thirties comparing ourselves to these unrealistic log slingers in internet porn. Let me ask you a question. How many penis' have you seen in real life? How did you compare to those? Personally, I played sports from the time I was in 5th grade all the way through high school. I have seen a cock or three. Sure, there was the occasional "WTF would you look at that thing" moment throughout the years. But in the grand scheme of things, I was quite average even though I felt like I was smaller than everyone else. 

Of course being average didn't stop me from feeling insecure. So, just like Chester and Aviator pointed out, I started concentrating on things other than intercourse to make sure that I could please a woman and give her something to talk about to her friends other than (what I thought was) my small cock. Learn how to fuck their mind, not just their body. And I don't mean fuck "with" their mind. I mean fuck their mind. With woman, the mental is just as important, sometimes more important, than the physical. If you are caressing their skin,kissing their body, showing them that you want to do more to them and for them than just sling the hot dog down the hallway, they aren't going to care what size your cock is. Learn to eat pussy like an Olympic gold medalists. I can promise you that if you are down there for a half hour, licking, biting, tonguing, and sucking everything from asshole to belly button, and come up looking like you just got out of a pool, a chick isn't going to care if your cock is the size of your pinky.  

I will quit preaching after this last point.  You are 21 years old. You are too fucking young to be worrying about a permanent vanity cosmetic procedure to your penis. You want to increase your size, pump. Maybe even hang or stretch. Take that approach for a while and see if it helps any with your self image. No one should go into a permanent procedure in the mindset you are in. Because I pretty sure that regardless of what kind of gains you may get, you are never going to feel like you "measure up" until you have gone too far. 

Whatever you end up doing, I wish you the best of luck. I really hope you listen to us old fuckers and take into consideration what we are saying. We (or at least I) am not saying undergoing a procedure is bad. We all have done it. Just saying I think you need to take a look at yourself first. Then a few years down the road if you still want to pursue doing it, move forward. 
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Tomryd1591 wrote:
And thanks Hoddle ill drop that one in the suggestion box bruv.


So I think it's safe to say you are a Brit and almost certainly London. That does actually impact things as unlike with the vast majority of cosmetic procedures, PE options aren't the same all over the world. 

PMMA is pretty much exclusively only available in Mexico. There are a couple of Dr's in Europe, but I really couldn't recommend them in good faith. 

Ellanse is available in the UK, at Moorgate. However, again, I really couldn't recommend them. Whilst it isn't a permanent procedure, it is long lasting and in my opinion should be viewed as as big a step as a permanent option, like PMMA. If you get an infection, that doesn't respond to antibiotics, a temporary option that can't be dissolved, is as problematic as a permanent procedure. Whilst the same isn't true of an unsatisfactory aesthetic or feeling result, 3 or 4 years is a hell of a long time to live with a deformed penis. So, as with PMMA, you need to travel to find the best Dr's in my opinion. Dr Oates is in Australia and he's done some fantastic work. There is also Morganstern in Atlanta, who is building a solid reputation on here. However, the same can't be said of the British options.

We do have good sex change surgeons in the UK.

But as others have said, at 21, I think you are way too young to be considering risking surgery. Honestly, we've all been where you are now. Well maybe that isn't true as many of our members are naturally well hung. But lots of us were on the small side and it consumed our lives. But the biggest mistake I ever made was rushing into a PE procedure at a young age. All I wanted to do was fuck girls and be able to move on in life without worrying about my penis size. But my haste to resolve those issues ended up ruining my life. I used to think I was so old in my early 20's, but now looking back, I realise how young I was and that I really shouldn't have been in such a rush.

This may be slightly unconventional advise, but given you are a young and super horny, meaning the absence of sex is driving you crazy, I think you should head down to Soho and go to one of the walk ups. I'm not advocating prostitution per se, but the experience of being naked with a woman and having her perform sex acts on you, might well give you the confidence to do the same with regular girls. Just being naked and intimate with a woman is a huge first hurdle to get over. You can be sure that pretty much all the fears you have of the negative reactions you think you might get from a regular girl, wont be a concern with a hooker. They see really tiny dicks all the time and wont think twice about it. Then maybe move on to one night stands in places with girls you know you are never going to see again. I just thinks guys with a real size based hang up, should perhaps ease their way into a sex life in a less conventional manner. The reason being is that the thought of rejection is at the route of your penis size concerns, so I'm not sure the more conventional route of getting a GF, waiting a while and then "making love" is realistic. 

I say take £30, jump on the tube and go an get a bj. If all goes well, go back next week and pop your cherry.
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I'm new here, but I just read your post and wanted to share my experience.   I struggled with the exact same things you are and I can really sympathize.  I'm 40 years old now and I can tell you that you can absolutely overcome it and be totally confident in your sexual abilities. 
You are actually lucky in that your length is normal... and there are things you can do to address the girth. Regardless, you first need to change your mentality towards sex.
I used to be deathly afraid of dropping my pants in front of a girl.   Especially in high school and through my twenties.   I avoided sex even though I had plenty of opportunities with beautiful girls... which made me beat myself up for not being "manly" enough.   When I finally got up the courage to do it... I'd often struggle with getting an erection or maintaining it because I feared being judged for my perceived "shortcomings."  This obviously made things worse.. it was a vicious cycle. Over time, I finally realized a few things that really helped.   
The first realization I had was that sex is supposed to be enjoyable for both people... it's not just about you pleasing the girl.  In fact, most girls will be turned off by someone who focuses ENTIRELY on them.  Yes... you will want to add some moves to your sexual arsenal to give her a full experience... but don't become so focused on them that you forget to enjoy it yourself.  Women love it when a guy is getting pleasure from them, just like us men get turned on when we're able to please a female.  The bonus is... the more you get into it and enjoy it, the better you'll be AT it and the more she'll enjoy it!  
Also consider what you actually want... do you want a bunch of one night stands or would you rather have 1 long term partner?  I personally struggled with thinking my manhood depended on how many girls I slept with.  Deep down I really knew I'd rather just take my time getting comfortable with 1 before jumping into bed.  In other words... don't put pressure on yourself to do anything bc you think your manhood depends on it.  There is nothing wrong with taking your time getting comfortable with someone before having sex!   You can be upfront with girls about this too (and say it confidently, not bc you are shy... but because it's YOUR PREFERENCE.)  It'll make you feel better being true to yourself.  I don't know if you're like me in this regards, but just don't try to force yourself to be something you're not.
Also know that when you're older, most girls will have experienced many different dicks... and that includes many your size and smaller.  Most girls are not size queens and don't expect a giant hammer every time a guy drops their pants.  Seeing your average dick is not going to make them laugh or not want to sleep with you.  
Try not to make the mistake I did and don't spend years focusing on the size of your dick.  The gains in your dick will be very limited, but you CAN dramatically improve your confidence.  
My advice would be to realize there are some things you can do to improve the size and appearance of your dick... and if you want to, do them.  But seriously take your time and research fillers carefully because you can make things worse if you rush into it.  
I would start with simple things like grooming.  I personally think the right grooming can majorly improve the appearance of your dick, and believe me... appearance is VERY important, because sex is just as much mental as it is physical.   I wouldn't completely shave down there... avoid the little boy look if you're worried about looking small.  I've found that keeping my pubic hair trimmed short looks best (maybe a half inch or so.)  I also pluck every hair off of my dick up to the pubic mound, including the underside (yes, with tweezers!)   More dick skin exposed contrasted with a short trimmed pubes makes it look bigger and cleaner (more attractive to a girl.)  You could shave your dick, but with tweezing there's no stubble and you don't need to do it as often.  It stings a little, but you get used to it, and as a bonus... once you've done it for a while they don't grow back!
I'd also watch some educational videos on different sex techniques... oral, fingering for squirting (my favorite), and general sex positions, tempo, etc... but when you're actually fucking someone, don't spend too much time on these things at first.  Girls will see it as compensating which will only draw attention to your insecurity.  Foreplay is great for getting them worked up... but they want to get fucked and get you off too!  
Once your'e in a relationship and having sex, you can start experimenting together.  Your experience will grow and you'll be able to blow the minds of future partners with things you've learned.  Toys are GREAT in a relationship too!  Sometimes I like to use cock sleeves (silicone wraps that add instant girth), the good ol vibrator wand (blindfold ANY girl and make her cum in minutes), tying girls up, whips, etc...  My girl and I go to the sex store and it's like a trip to Disney for us, lol.  Have fun with it. 
There's no reason you can't have an amazing sex life, so don't put so much pressure on yourself.  Learn what you really want and what you're comfortable with and OWN IT.   
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Size matters but it's only one of many important factors. 

All procedures have benefits and drawbacks. 

3 popular fillers are HA, Ellanse, and PMMA.

HA lasts the least amount of time but also seems to give the smoothest result. HA also has the benefit of being readily reversible via injectable enzymes if the outcome is suboptimal. Ellanse lasts longer, but nodules/bumps seem to be more common than with HA. PMMA is permanent, but also has nodule/symmetry issues. And PMMA can be difficult to remove if there's a serious issue. 

Personally, i favor Ellanse. Seems like a good balance regarding how long it lasts and side effects compared to other currently available fillers.
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Great advice all around.
Question to OP..have you tried working out regularly with weights.

Nothing increases a mans confidence faster than a muscular body and facial hair.
Approach life with the attitude of a Viking..and you will see the effects in women and mens eyes.
Sex with the penis is a small part of the bigger attraction equation. Be an attractive and confident male and females will assume you are a great lover.
From my own experiments.  
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All this being said, you can be a great lover and still be insecure about the size of your penis. 

We all have a reason we are on this board. We all have a reason we want a bigger dick. Insecurity, perfectionism, wanting a better fit for a long term partner, competition, or just as a hobby. 

Whatever the reason, it deserves respect; we're all on this journey together. 

It's an exciting time when it comes to penis enhancement. The list of options and methods is growing, it's becoming more accepted and more doctors are getting into the field. It's a different world even compared to ten years ago.

So i wouldn't rush into anything. Take your time. But if after researching and pondering things you feel it's still the right course of action, go for it. I wish i had done something when I was younger. But back then the options were far more limited.

Keep a few things in mind though: having a bigger dick won't magically make you a better lover... it likely won't be much of an impact other than improved confidence. Second, don't expect perfection after getting something done. You may end up with an uneven result, nodules, a strange smelling dick, etc. Just know that going in: your dick isn't perfect now and it won't be after a procedure either. And third, as others have said, evaluate the whole package you are presenting: fitness, hygiene, grooming, style, and so on. Focus on improving in all areas.

Again, we place an enormous amount of significance on our penis size. Myself included. But realize it is just one piece of the puzzle and most of the other pieces are as or more important. 
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in  all the comments i only retain PMMA / HA . all the rest is definitly not what the genteman was asking for .
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littlemouse wrote:
in  all the comments i only retain PMMA / HA . all the rest is definitly not what the genteman was asking for .

i disagree. yes, he is asking for advice. but in doing so, he shared a piece of personal information. people who responded have offered advice, and in doing so have given thought and consideration to this gentleman's situation. 

It will never be as simple as telling him what procedure he should choose. From these responses, the original poster should at least be able to gather the answer is not black and white, it's not one size fits all, it's not a sprint, and there's a lot more to consider than size when it comes to sex. 

This forum is a support group, a place to seek advice, and a respository of knowledge and experience.

The responses here are an example of what makes this forum valuable: a collective of human beings who share the same dream, human beings with a common objective, trying to better themselves and being there for others along the way.
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