I have read threads about HA, silicon, PMMA filers for penile glan and even seen doctors marketing materials.

I'm wondering why no one is doing fat trasfer to glan? Conceptually it's same like any artificial fillers such as HA right? Why it's not done by doctors across the globe?

I'm fine to inject my own fat into penis head even through its not stable and absorbable by body. Even HAVE can stay only for an year or two..

Has anyone approached doctors for this procedure. Please share your experience. If otherwise, please include this question in your "To be clarified" list and keep everyone posted with useful information.

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I think it's cuz fat is too thick and it can be Injected by cannula only. On the glans you can only go with a needle. Even doctors who practice FFT use HA for the gland.
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Its been done by a few cant remember the ones name in california, I asked loria what he did before silicone, he said fft and pmma. has done entire head with pmma and silicone but only dose rim with silicone. I saw a pic of the fat, looked strange since it puffed up and made the skin smooth while the rest of the head was rough.
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