Lets bring back the chat thingy who is with me? lets get some signatures signed. the chat thingy made this forum more entertaining. I enjoyed talking to fellow members on here. who else wants the chat back? demand it. bring it back. let ur voice be heard. we the people. the chat thingy rocks.
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I hated the chat thingy. Here's why: I use my iPad to view this site. I go to new posts, then open them all in separate tabs. Then I go through them one at a time and read/reply. The chat thing had some serious issues with logged in state and keeping messages in sync. It also seems to slow the site down a lot for me. PMs work well enough, and an irc-like room might be nice, but it's also nice how making posts the primary focus of the forum means well, just that,that we focus on posts.
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thanks for your feedback nohiding and I understand but on private messaging you have to wait for the person to log back in to get a response on the chat thingy if u want to know something u get the answer right away. yea the chat was not perfect true that but it was free and very valuable.
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It was a little glitchy & would pop up and go down randomly...and I would find messages on here after I left my computer on w/ this website - so people probably thought I was ignoring them.  But I just walked away & left the windows open.  Some sites have a separate chat room - which might be better... I don't know.  SO already has enough expenses w/ the site - I'm not sure if that was an add-on feature that cost money.

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Skeptical One
As some have mentioned, the biggest problem were the glitches. It didn't always work, and even worse, would bug out mid-conversation. Users with mobile devices found the instant message feature to bug up their surfing experience. So until the host resolves a number of software issues, it'll be discontinued. There is reason to believe we will have it re-implemented when a better version is released.

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Any chance of this coming back?

Busy enough place now. Few folk it would be good to chat away to. Especially during/after ops.
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